|Sunday, September 22, 2013
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Harding’s Hark - The Inside Story: Total Bayern

So far, Bayern’s preseason has been subject to a great deal of analysis, but facing Bundesliga opposition during that time adds authenticity to musings over Guardiola, squad selection and tactical preference. One thing has been made startling clear from Bayern’s Telekom Cup win and that is how good Thiago Alcantara really is. Not, mind you, there was ever much ...Full Article

Regensburg Control Bavarian Derby

The Haar Disicples played tough, but the Regensburg Legionaires played a bit tougher, as Haar fell twice to the defending champions, 4-0 and 6-3, in the “Bavarian Derby” of ...Full Article

Football Days In and Around Munich

Bayern Munich have just come off an incredible treble-winning season and, with the appointment of new manager Pep Guardiola, are one of the most followed sides in both Germany ...Full Article

Obama Speaks and the World Listens

COMMENTARY  by Michael Owens In the wake of the ‘not guilty’ decision in the Zimmerman case in Sanford, Florida, and the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down some of ...Full Article

Weather Chaos, German Style

Germans are known for their orderliness, tidiness and organization. What happens when the weather patterns break all of the models for consistency? A bit of chaos enters their lives. ...Full Article

Harding’s Hark - The Inside Story: 1860 Must Find Clinical Edge

Lining up with a 4-4-2 formation can hardly have surprised many. Alexander Schmidt spoke of “attacking variety” throughout preseason, but it proved to be anything but that come the ...Full Article

Kiraly Mistake Costs 1860

FC St. Pauli 1-0 TSV 1860 Munich Goals: 1-0 Thy (80’) Gabor Kiraly’s late error gave the home side all three points in what proved to be a game ...Full Article

Kocherlball - An Early Morning of Food and Dance in the English Garden

MUNICH - What better way to start your day than with dancing?  The Kocherlball or “Cook’s Ball” is an early morning dance festival around the Chinese Tower in Munich’s ...Full Article

The Apocalypse Has Been Cancelled!

Pacific Rim will be released on July 18th 2013 in Germany It would appear that my comment a few weeks ago concerning the impending apocalypse infecting Hollywood was premature. ...Full Article

Formula 1 Boss Indicted For Bribery By Munich Prosecutors

MUNICH - Bernie Ecclestone, the chief of Formula 1 racing, has been formally indicted by German prosecutors for allegations of bribery. The charges, report Al Jazeera, stem from a ...Full Article