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As Oktoberfest Looms: Alternative Ways to Find Lodgings in Munich 

Munich (dpa) - When the Oktoberfest starts on September 21, one thing is certain: Munich will be packed with people. If you spontaneously decide to hop on a plane to Germany and join in the beer tent fun, you will find that hotel rooms can be very expensive - provided any hotel rooms are even findable.

Build-up of the 2013 Oktoberfest- the annual festival runs from 21 September through 6 October Photo: Peter Kneffel/dpa

An alternative to hotels can be renting a room or even an apartment privately from a German. Munich students are willing to clear out of their hostel rooms during Oktoberfest in order to make some badly needed extra cash. Such private quarters can chiefly be found on the internet using platforms as AirBNB, 9flats.com and WG-Gesucht.de.

A weekend for two people with two overnight stays can be had starting at 50 euros (65 dollars).

But most prices are clearly much steeper, going all the way to several hundred euros per night for an entire apartment. So it is advisable that room-seekers should not be too hasty, but assess the value of what they will be getting. The German Hotels and Restaurants Association DEHOGA points out that guests booking private rooms can never know for sure whether reality will match up to their expected standards.

Internet photos can be misleading and hygiene conditions and fire protection facilities may not be properly maintained. Nor, says DEHOGA, are privately-rented quarters necessarily cheaper.

For those who don’t wish to stay in either in a hotel room or a student’s room, there is always one of Munich’s several camping grounds. At some of these, it’s possible to rent tents, caravans and dormitory containers, the Munich Tourism Office notes.

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