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Real Surfing at the Munich Airport: Surf & Style 2013 

As of July 31st, Munich’s airport center boasts a large wave pool where pro surfers and rookies alike can test their skills on the water.

Every afternoon from 3-8pm, surfers can sign up for one of ten 45-minute spots and hit the waves of the Surf & Style airport wave pool. The 180-square-meter pool is fueled by large pumps that provide ten meter high and 1.5-meter wide Hawaiian-style waves. Pros can jump right in and get started, while a practice bar is more forgiving for beginners.

Surf & Style 2013

Surf & Style 2013 - real waves and surfing at the Munich Airport — munichFOTO

For brave and wave-hungry children above 8 years of age, the program also provides three-day surf camps until August 24th. On August 25th, participants of any of the courses will have the chance to show off their newfound skills in a rookie competition.

All necessary equipment like boards, wetsuits, and helmets are available on location at no charge. Changing rooms and showers are also available for all participants as well.

Those who aren’t quite ready to brave the surf can watch others daily from 10am to 8pm while sipping a cocktail at the beach area under palm trees. Entry is free for surfers and those watching. There are bleachers for 500 visitors to watch and 50 sun chaises available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For more information on the Lufthansa-powered pool and to book your slot on the waves, head to the Munich Airport Event page: http://www.munich-airport-events.de/

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