|Thursday, March 27, 2014
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FEATURE: Records Continue to Fall for Unstoppable Bayern

Berlin (dpa/MunichNOW News) - Bayern Munich crushed Eintracht Frankfurt 5-0 Sunday as records continue to fall for the German champions-elect. Going into the match Bayern were already undefeated for a record 43 Bundesliga games and making it 44 was little more than a formality. Visiting coach Armin Veh left two regular starters out of his team for fear a yellow card ...Full Article

Tesla Announces Leasing Deal with Germany’s Sixt

Munich (dpa/MunichNOW News) – US all-electric car manufacturer Tesla is hoping to gain a foothold in the German market through a deal with local rental-car operator Sixt. Sixt, which is ...Full Article

Munich is the Center of the World for One Weekend

Munich (MunichNOW News) For the fiftieth time, numerous experts of security policy met in Munich’s Hotel Bayerischer Hof for the Munich Security Conference. Founded the year after the Cuba ...Full Article

Big Bad Bayern Munich

Jonathan Allott muses on Bayern’s season so far, the differences between this year and last, and the reason why they are so hard to beat. The second half of ...Full Article

Unterschleißheim to Host Boxing Event

The number-one English-speaking source for European boxing Tony Mayger previews an eagerly anticipated boxing event in the Munich area this week. Wikipedia describes The Ring of Fire as being ...Full Article

20th Century Ukrainian Nationalist Movement Was Based in Munich

After centering in Vienna during the Habsburg reign, Ukrainian nationalists moved to Munich to continue their centuries old struggle to gain complete independence. The KGB, intent on suppressing these desires ...Full Article

Klitschko Rallies Supporters in Munich; Kerry Weighs In at the Security Conference

Munich (dpa/MunichNOW News) - The Ukrainian government launched legal proceedings against Dmytro Bulatov, an anti-government protester who said he was abducted and tortured, for his involvement in mass protests, ...Full Article

2014 Winter Olympics: Germany’s Top Medal Contenders

The Olympic Games are the greatest sporting event for every sportsman and woman. Winning a medal on the biggest sporting stage in the world is a childhood dream for ...Full Article

Snowboarding Ditches Gangster Style and Straightens Up For 2014

SNOWBOARD FASHION: Long jackets and straight-cut pants make the hottest silhouettes Streetwear and Americana inspirations are popular Colour stories are more muted, natural and mature than previous years The ...Full Article

Ten Things You Should Know About Ukraine (and How They Might Effect the Current Demonstrations There)

Munich — A recent look at the official statistics at Munich’s Kreisverwaltungsreferat (county authorities) showed that officially more Ukrainians live in Munich than either Brits or Americans. An estimated ...Full Article