|Wednesday, March 26, 2014
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Weather Chaos, German Style

Germans are known for their orderliness, tidiness and organization. What happens when the weather patterns break all of the models for consistency? A bit of chaos enters their lives. After one of the darkest winters in Germany’s recorded history and spring floods that shattered records, summer has arrived here in July. In a year of inconsistencies, this year’s summer ...Full Article

Kocherlball - An Early Morning of Food and Dance in the English Garden

MUNICH - What better way to start your day than with dancing?  The Kocherlball or “Cook’s Ball” is an early morning dance festival around the Chinese Tower in Munich’s ...Full Article

The Apocalypse Has Been Cancelled!

Pacific Rim will be released on July 18th 2013 in Germany It would appear that my comment a few weeks ago concerning the impending apocalypse infecting Hollywood was premature. ...Full Article

Knight Rider

Germany is known as the land of 10,000 castles. Most of these castles had a lord, and to protect him there were knights. Many of them. In today’s world, ...Full Article

David Chase at the FilmFest with “Not Fade Away”

David Chase’s feature film debut is a love letter to both rock and roll and New Jersey in the 1960s. Best known as the creator of HBO’s The Sopranos, ...Full Article

Unexploded Bomb Disarmed in Munich

A 250-pound bomb was found on Tuesday morning in Munich. The explosive was discovered on a building plot on the corner of Hansjakobstrasse and Rosssteinstrasse in the Berg am Laim area. ...Full Article

Lenbachhaus Museum Reopens with Norman Foster design

The Lenbachhaus Museum has re-opened after renovation with a new extension designed by British architect Norman Foster. The brass facade is a dramatic contrast with the yellow ochre of ...Full Article

Landshuter Hochzeit: a marriage made of merriment and mirth

The preparations for some of the key players have been taking place for more than a half year. Nearly everyone wants to be a part of the action. The ...Full Article

Apocalypse is the Word

For the past few summers the movie industry has been cashing in on the new super hero phenomenon and it seemed like every week some Marvel or DC franchise ...Full Article

The 31st Annual Filmfest München

The 31st annual Filmfest München has gotten off to a rollicking good start with Sir Michael Caine’s arrival on the first full day of the festival. He is being ...Full Article