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MunichNOW is NOW on Newsstands All Over Munich! 

We’re here! In the airports, hotels and kiosks, alleys and concierges, we have arrived! Munich now has an English language newspaper!

Munich now has a newspaper that can give you ideas for places to go to when you want to escape the ‘Maddening Crowd’. It’s in your local kiosks. Favorite pubs, food and fun will be a regular feature, not to mention some of the best pictures of Munich and the world.

We will continue to grow our electronic reach, but insist on continuing this fine tradition here in Germany of ink and paper. We hope to provide for you something to take away.

Grab a copy at your local newsagent, and, if unavailable, whimper and whine.

Check out our advertisers because they believe in us, though not nearly as much as they believe in you. Comment, criticize, feel emboldened, because we want what you want now! If we’ve missed something, help us help you.

But mostly, thanks for your support, previously and continued, and we really look forward to providing you with something that steals a few minutes of your busy day.

From all of us here at MunichNOW, thanks!

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