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Smaller, Locally Produced “X-Games” Slated for Munich in 2014 

Munich (MunichNOW News) After the success of the 2013 X-Games in Munich, it was a shock to hear that ESPN had pulled out of the 2014 and 2015 events “purely due to business reasons.” However, extreme sports fans can rejoice as Munich and the Olympiapark are planning their own festival, one backed by a reputable sponsor.

Motocross at the Munich 2013 X-Games — photo: munichFOTO

Last summer, over 100,000 fans were drawn to the hugely changed Olympiapark in Munich to watch skateboarders, BMX riders, mountain bikers and motocross drivers strut their stuff. It looked as though those wonderful scenes wouldn’t be happening again. But the business manager of the Olmypiapark Arno Hartung has stepped in and apparently plans for their own event are to be discussed over Christmas with details expected to come in January.

The focus of the self-organised event will be on skateboarding, motocross and BMX, with a middle weekend of July looking the most likely event date. Despite the largely positive response to the news, there are still those unsure. With the first project nowhere near a financial success, there are some concerns about the cot effectiveness of it all. Attracting more people, and particularly of a younger age, to the park has been seen as the games’ biggest positive. Hartung is expecting the stars to come and states he would be happy with 40,000 spectators.

It is believed that the Austrian energy drinks company, one whose name has yet to be used, is the main sponsor. The company are constantly looking to expand their name in the extreme-sports area and this event would suit them. In any case, it’s great to see Munich taking the event into their own hands

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