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Volkswagen Recalls 2.6 Million Cars Worldwide 

 Wolfsburg, Germany (dpa) - Volkswagen on Thursday announced one of the largest recalls in its history, calling 2.6 million cars into its workshops because of problems with lights, transmissions and leaks in their fuel lines.

The recall affects 800,000 Tiguan compact crossover vehicles made from 2008 to 2011 with a defective fuse that could cause partial light outages, Europe’s largest carmaker said.  It also offered free oil changes to owners of its 1.6 million models with seven-speed duplex clutch transmissions that are filled with synthetic oil.

Its truck subsidiary also recalled 239,000 Amaroks because of leaks in their fuel lines. It did not give details about the problem, such as whether there is a risk of fire.  Volkswagen had announced other recalls this year involving its direct-shift gearbox that have taken a bite out of its bottom line.

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