6th Annual Munich Sports Festival Tomorrow, Saturday 7 July!

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MUNICH (MunichNOW Sport) -- The 6th Munich Sports Festival takes place tomorrow, July 7th for 11AM to 8PM at Königsplatz is all about the physical activity and offers numerous sports in one fell swoop - and all for free, and for the family. The best: Visitors can virtually try everything once. What is new this time the Parkour-Area ...

More than 70 sports to try out

What is it actually in Bassalo, Escrima or Piloxing? More than 70 different sports - many "exotic" - present themselves at the festival under the motto "Join us and discover your sport". Of course, classic sports such as table tennis and handball are represented, but also less common ones such as Gaelic football or ballet barres-Barre Workout Concept. Bayerische gymnastics federations and Munich clubs also promote their sports. Triathlon, archery, mountain bike trail riding, wall climbing, powerlifting - nearly anything sporty you can imagine will be part of this annual festival right in the middle of the city.

Covering an area of more than 600 square meters is Parkour, the first time this urban sport has been presented. Railings, stairs, balconies, actually everything is done in the big city of concrete, becomes the obstacle, overcome the skillful athletes as possible quickly and elegantly. Professionals show amazing and breathtaking movements in their efforts to go from A to B in the most unusual and elegant ways.

The World Slackline Masters will be making a stop at Königsplatz, too. Slackline, which is tightrope walking in a most spectacular way, will be demonstrated by its international stars performing moves and tricks on the elastic that seen nearly impossible.

A long and fun day that gives you a chance to try some sports and activities you certainly have not done before!

11 Uhr Veranstaltungsbeginn
11 Uhr Welcome Session Parkour in der M-net Parkour Area
11 Uhr Slackline Frauen Contest
12 Uhr Offizielle Eröffnung Münchner Sportfestival 2015
12 Uhr Workshop Parkour (Anmeldung im M-net Zelt)
12 – 16 Uhr Training der internationalen Profis Parkour
13 Uhr Parkour Show der Nachwuchstalente von FAM München e.V.
13:30 Uhr Slackline Frauen Finals
14 Uhr Beginn der Globetrotter World Slackline Masters
14:30 Uhr Wall Trampoline Show in der M-net Parkour Area
15:30 Uhr Parkour Show der deutschen Top-Sportler
16 Uhr Show der internationalen Parkour Profi-Szene
16:30 Uhr Workshop Parkour (Anmeldung im M-net Zelt)
18 Uhr Workshop Parkour (Anmeldung im M-net Zelt)
18 Uhr Gibbon World Slackline Masters Finale
20 Uhr Veranstaltungsende

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