Europe Must Lead - Comment from Michael V. Owens

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Europe Must Lead - Comment from Michael V. Owens

I would like to thank everyone at MunichNow for being on the right side of history with their unwavering support for the refugees who have arrived, or have been trying to arrive, in Germany.

We need more voices who will not cower with fear! Germany has learned many lessons from their history, and we can see the vast, THE VAST, majority understands this moment in humankind's history.

Europe must lead, as it has for a millennia; now is not the time for those who have to shirk from their responsibility to those who are only asking for a little bit. Together we can become stronger than anything that has ever come before.

Germany is not spotless, we all know that. But from it they have grown.

There are a few who, due to a dearth of better vocabulary-lack the education and/or understanding, to welcome those who have already given too much. They have some valid points which warrant discussion. Discuss we must. And we will. Crisis brings out the best in humanity.

I am also sure that some misguided refugees will get through to become my neighbors, and even conspire to blow up the bus or train that I take to work. It is what it is. I also understand that a driver can have a heart attack and veer into me and my family. I swim in the ocean, sharks live in the ocean, they eat flesh. I will always swim in the ocean.

Rest assured, Germany, at the center of Europe and therefore at the center of the world, will show the world what a capable, caring and secular society can do in the face of trying times. Eyes front. Chest out. Get to work. German quality. Go for a walk. Have a beer.

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