2015: Halfway Through and Much, Much More Filmfest München to Enjoy

 Halfway Through and Much More Filmfest to Enjoy

MUNICH -- (Filmfest München 2015) -- Just a bit after halfway through Filmfest Munich 2015, and there are still so many films to see. The most crucial tip I can pass on to anyone curious about catching a flick this time around is to get your tickets sooner rather than later.

Each year, people put it off until the last weekend and then they are sorely disappointed that absolutely all of the decent offerings are sold out.

So what do you do? Take a look at the schedule, if you haven't already and see what strikes your fancy. Tickets are available at every location where the filmfest is taking place, and you can also reserve tickets online. For either of these, see the filmfest website.

The highlights so far have been the parties and events, but that makes it sound like the films were incidental. They were anything but; however, I will be reviewing more of the films themselves at another place and time.

The festival organizers have been particularly proud of the events revolving around Warhol Mania. For good reason, as it has provided so much great programming and opportunities to celebrate. The scene for one of the most talked-about parties thus far was the Brandhorst Museum, where the Wahrhol festivities began on the first Saturday evening of the festival.

The filmmakers and star mentioned in an earlier article have been here during the first week, as planned, and Alexander Payne has particularly charmed audiences and critics alike. Jean-Jacques Annaud has a special place in his heart for Munich after the years he has spent working here with Bernd Eichinger and many others.

Each night there are still films offered in the open air at the Gasteig, and this year's films are centered on Swing Dancing. If that catches your fancy, head over to the Gasteig as the sun goes down. The last night of Filmfest Munich is always a great time. Also taking place outside at the Gasteig, this is your last chance to run into any filmmakers who have not yet made their way home. Whether you have seen many movies this year or not a single one, come out on July 4 and toast the Filmfest organizers on a job well done.