STROKE Art Fair Opens at Praterinsel

MUNICH -- (MunichNOW Arts) -- Founded in 2009 by the brothers Marco and Raiko Schwalbe, the STROKE Art Fair's vision from the very beginning was to realize a vision of art, design, and urban lifestyle in the 21st century for as wide an audience as possible.

Traditional concepts of art and design, with their reactionary and outmoded concepts should be set aside from the so-called "pop culture". STROKE's position is that the mixing and interference of different forms of creative expression such as contemporary art, design, music, and fashion is one of the most significant cultural changes of the 21st century, and as such, formed the backbone of the event.

In a mere seven years, more than 120,000 people have visited STROKE and this wide-spread support has moved the fair into the top five list of art fairs in Germany. This growth and support has been unparalleled in German art fair history.

Curiosity and interest replace the fear of the unknown. Whether with art history training, serious collecting, or simply the passion for shape and color - STROKE makes art far any age fun! STROKE presents art that is young, exciting, and above all: affordable!

In addition to the contemporary aspects of urban art, our vision also includes digital art, design and many other aspects urban lifestyle.

About fifty exhibitors this year will be painting on site. The artists come from Argentina, Bulgaria, Mexico, Russia, Germany and Slovakia. A special guest this year at the STROKE Art Fair is Stavros Damos. The Greek caricaturist/artist draws celebrities in his own comic style, having done studies of Angela Merkel, David Bowie, and Daniel Craig among others.

Urban Art is not just a passing trend, but now a recognized art form. So anyone who wants to secure a work of this style at a reasonable price, will be right at home a STROKE. You can like a piece and then take it home with you.

And since art and entertainment usually go hand in hand, which combines both STROKE: On the opening day the Munich band "The Capitols" will offer up their own crunchy alternative rock. On Friday, the 6th, the STROKE Birthday Party rocks the house, and the STROKE afterparty on Saturday will make Sunday morning a three cups of coffee process.  


Noon to 10PM Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (May 5,6,7)
Noon to 6PM on Sunday (May 8)

Tickets available at the site
€13 per day, kids under 16 free
€18 for the entire fair
€11 for students on Friday the 6th
Photo courtesy of STROKE