Local David Bowie Tribute Show Wows the Crowd!

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Bowie Tribute Show in Grafing Wows the Crowd

GRAFING (MunichNOW Life) -- The untimely death of musician, singer, producer, actor and artist David Bowie was a shock to everyone. His parting gift was a mysterious new studio album; his 27th, “Blackstar”, which some critics, even before his death cited as the best he’s ever made - and two haunting videos leaving us with everlasting images of a man who knew his end was near.

Someone said that, ‘Bowie showed us all how to make the final exit’.

sm bowie 05Henry Schiller and Michael Evola -- munichFOTONot 12 hours after the sad news, Michael Evola, singer and bassist (and major Bowie fan) of the Munich area band Nick’s Noise had the idea to organize a tribute concert as soon as possible. His fellow band mates, Christoph Baumhoer (guitars, vocals), Joel Flammann (guitars, vocals), Andreas Dürrschmidt (drums) and Detlef Noack (percussion), were all happy to join in on the project. Local Grafing matador ‘Götz Live’ Hünnemeier (vocals, guitar) was soon involved and was able to find an appropriate venue, Casa Creativa in Grafing, for Saturday, Jan. 23rd for the occasion.

A few phone calls later and members of the Strange Chemistry project, Henry Schiller (vocals, guitars, piano), Bonifaz Prexl (vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums) and Matt Grissini (bass, guitars, vocals) were in the Bowie boat. And last but not least Jakub Dwornicki, exceptional guitarist, singer, and front man of the JD Power Trio rounded out the motley crew.

JD Wujek on guitar was just great!JD Dwornicki ripped on lead guitar -- munichFOTO

The Challenge: Ten musicians need to learn and perform around 30 Bowie songs in one week. Evola laid down the foundation of the set-list, and then everyone threw in their favorites including a number of obscure tracks throughout Bowie’s career. Organizing rehearsals was even more difficult and not once were all ten present at one session. Nevertheless, the songs began to take shape and show time was near. This is what a set set-list looks like when you have to document ‘who does what when’ for ten musicians.

The SetlistThe career-spanning setlist Show Time: Several newspapers, social media, and even a local radio station did some promotion for the concert, but it was still uncertain how many people would actually show up. Admission was free and drinks and munchies were available. Attendees were requested to voluntarily pay for their consumptions and make donations which would go to a cancer related charity. The venue could hold an audience of about 100 comfortably and by the time the tribute finished three hours later, the club was wall-to-wall dancers and cheering fans hollering for more.  Michael Evola's seed of an idea had turned into a smashing success!

sm bowie 06 Matt Grissini and Bones Prexl -- munichFOTO

The evening began in an unplugged, acoustic mood and slowly ascended into the rock classics for which Bowie is most famous. By the time the band played ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘Fame’, the entire audience was gyrating on the dance floor. In true rock style, songs like ‘Suffragette City’ and ‘The Jean Genie’ brought the police knocking at the door with the neighbors complaining about the volume. Managing to squeeze ‘Rebel Rebel’ and ‘Under Pressure’ into the 11:00 PM curfew, the band finished with a completely unplugged encore of the classic ‘Heroes’.

Finger snaps at the end of "Under Pressure"Finger snaps at the end of "Under Pressure" -- munichFOTO

The audience applause - which lasted many minutes - was much louder than the last song.   
David would have been proud.

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Video from munichFOTO:

Bonifaz, Matt, and Henry - from "Strange Chemistry" take on "Ch-Ch-Changes" at the Bowie Tribute in Grafing last night! #bowie #changes

Watch "Ch-Ch-Changes" on Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Let's Dance" David Bowie Tribute Show This one got the crowd goin'! Bonifaz on keyboards, Matt Grissini on bass, with Henry and Michael Evola singing and JD Wujek Maximator on guitar!

Watch "Let's Dance" on Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Bowie Tribute Show began with a moving acoustic rendition of "Space Oddity". This was just the beginning of a remarkable evening of music!

Watch "Space Oddity" on Monday, January 25, 2016

The Bowie Tribute Show ended with a rousing rendition of the Bowie/Queen classic "Under Pressure" with the everyone joining in and singing and dancing with the band. The sound on this video is a bit rough in places as the loudness of the music not only annoyed the neighbors, but stressed the video cam!

Watch "Under Pressure" on Monday, January 25, 2016