Oktoberfest 2015 - as Colourful as Munich City!

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A guest commentary from Munich's own Fat Girl With Glasses at Oktoberfest time...

Munich (Germany) is a city filled with diversity and has welcomed me as a foreigner with an open mind and heart since I set foot here 13 years ago, much as they have recently thousands of refugees. I am super proud to live here!

Hooray for Munich and it's open heart for tourists and foreigners...


The biggest folk's fest in the world, the Oktoberfest kicks off today (til 04th October) and my hometown of choice will be filled with hundreds of thousands of jolly tourists joining in on the festivities and consuming over-countable liters of beer, roast chickens and huge pretzels.

Not gonna share my pretzel... #yesIeatcarbs


For the last decade or so it has become quite fashionable for women to wear a Bavarian traditional-inspired dress called a Dirndl, which has a corsage-like top and a flared out skirt and an apron (excellently flattering for plus-sized girls by the way). Lengths of these skirts and the "in colours" vary from year to year. This year pastel shades seem to be in - but that's not my thing at all. I love bold colour! FGWG style!:-)

Teamed up with a cute blouse and a balconette push-up bra to show off my best feminine assets and here I added a frilly petticoat and pretty handmade accessories from Italian-designer-based-in-Munich, Arianna Amo for an added fun effect.

This petticoat though...


Guys opt for a Lederhosen (decorative leather pants which goes around til the knee and usually has braces attached). Here too nowadays combined fashionably with colourful shirts - much to the dispair of local Bavarian traditionalists... :-)

Being a Münchnerin (Munich girl) but with roots in Africa, this year I decided to get my wonderfully talented mother dearest (who lives in South Africa) to make me an "African Dirndl" dress. She found some brightly-coloured, busy-patterned African fabric and came up with this beautiful specimen. #lovemymum

What a fantastic African Dirndl! My mom is an amazing designer and seamstress..


Thank you to my cool and HOT friends from Munich's own American Football team, the Munich Cowboys for adding more colour and international flavour to this photo shoot. You guys rock and once again clearly highlight the multi-cultural feel that I love so much about the city...

We are Munich! #loveeyes


See you at the Wiesn!!!  

Your FGWG 


  • Photos: Bijon De Kock 
  • Hair/Make up: Anna Anna
  • Jewellery: Arianna Amo
  • Shoes: Deichmann  
  • Dirndl: "Kia Mum" 
  • Blouse: C&A  
  • Petticoat: Steindler, im Tal
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