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Breaking: Jewelry Robbery in Broad Daylight on Maximilianstraße 

Munich - (MunichNOW News) On Wednesday morning, 12 February, five masked robbers invaded the luxury jeweler Chopard on the Maximilianstraße in the city center. The thieves stole jewelry and watches of an undetermined value .

Broken glass at the Chopard jewelry store — photo: dpa

The police confirmed five masked robbers raided the store on Wednesday morning at 11 clock. They threatened the five employees who were in the store, and, with their burglar tools, broke and smashed numerous showcases .

During the robbery no one was injured. According to police, the robbers had entered with an ax or a hammer and did not have firearms. An eyewitness confirmed that he saw the five young people were wearing sportswear and storm masks and armed with ax and sledgehammer as the door was smashed.         

Less than a minute after leaving the store, they crossed Maximilianstr. to waiting cars and drove at normal speeds to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel area, where they tossed away the burglary tools and sped sped away. The car was not, as yet, identified. 

Several suspects have been arrested by the Munich police and the case continues to be investigated.                  


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