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BREAKING: Another WWII Bomb Found in Ramersdorf-Perlach near the A8 

Munich (MunichNOW News)  On Thursday afternoon another WWII bomb was found in the Ramersdorf-Perlach district of Munich, near the Hochäckerstraße. The bomb is located in a field that was being excavated for a new building construction. “These areas are routinely examined for bombs”, said police spokesman Christoph Reichenbach . According to police, more than 1000 people are being evacuated.

By early evening an area of about 1 kilometer centering on  the area between the Balanstraße and the A8. This area also includes an elementary school at Balanstraße 153.

The highway was closed Thursday, “as late as possible,” says Reichenbach . At around 6:30 PM, in the middle of rush hour, the traffic from the  closed autobahn is being re-routed through parts of Neubiberg and Old Perlach, Reichenbach said, “We wanted to avoid a mega - jam as much we possibly could.”

According to the police it is a 250 or a 500 pound bomb from the Second World War, “that is American made,” said Reichenbach.

This find brings back memories of the tremendous explosion in Schwabing in August 2012 when a bomb was uncovered during construction on the Feilitzschstraße.

The evacuation area includes:

Dellauerweg - Sandgrubenweg - Peralohstraße - Schreivogel road - Lehenweg - Pheasant Hunter Street - Schloßbauer road - parts of the fields Hock Road - Stümpflingstraße - Gorizia road - Mitterweg - Puechbergerstraße - On Jagdweg .

Damage to the Kickz Monaco store on the Feilitzschstraße two days after the controlled explosion in August 2012. — photo: dpa

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