It’s hard to keep up with Bayern Munich at the moment. First, Pep Guardiola is made their new manager, then Germany’s most expensive footballer signs for them, before releasing a disappointing, ink-stained Champions League kit. The regular 2013/14 season hasn’t even started yet!

After winning the Telekom Cup in dominant fashion, Bayern beat Barcelona on Wednesday night (in the Uli Hoeness Cup) to continue their fantastic preseason form. On Saturday, Bayern travel to league rivals Borussia Dortmund in the German Super Cup, before returning to Munich for one last preseason event. On the final day of July (Wednesday) and the first of August (Thursday), the club finish their preparations in spectacular fashion, hosting a tournament in the Allianz Arena with Manchester City, Sao Paulo and AC Milan.

Pep’s been here before… Just not in the same dugout or wearing any salmon coloured polo shirts.
Photo: DPA

The Audi Cup, the latest sponsor-named tournament in Bayern’s preseason, will enjoy it’s third edition in 2013. Bayern, permanent hosts, won the opening event before Barcelona beat them in 2011, thanks to a brace from none other than Thiago. The good thing about the tournament is that tickets are available right up until the day before so be sure to register online or ring the club’s ticket line (089/69931-333). Prices range from €35-€60 for the semi finals, and then from €40-€60 for the final. That may seem a little steep but for Bayern, the teams involved and the fact you get two matches for that price, it is an easier purchase to make.

The draw, perhaps unsurprisingly, sees Manchester City take on AC Milan (6.15pm kick off) before Bayern face Sao Paulo (8.30pm kick off). The following day, the Thursday, the final will follow on from the third-place playoff. Statistically, penalties can often be the outcome in these tight games, but regardless of whether the spot-kick excitement occurs or not, it will be thrilling to see the latest chapter in Guardiola’s tactical playbook. Add to that the opportunity to see players like Sergio Aguero, Mario Balotelli and Luis Fabiano - alongside Bayern’s own host of stars - and it is sure to be a fantastic day of football in the sun (hopefully).

Do note that the U6 underground is only running as far as Studentenstadt at the moment, with a bus service continuing on from there. It is a bit of a walk from Studentenstadt but if the weather is nice, maybe combining a walk and some football wouldn’t be a bad thing.

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