A Fond Last Look at Oktoberfest 2016 from Travel Legend Rick Steves

“Here’s one last look at the fun of Oktoberfest. Since our Best of Europe in 21 Days tour happened to be passing through Munich, we guides made it a point to drop in with our group (as we do whenever there’s a festival nearby), said Steves.

Rick Steves at the Mountain Hostel, Gimmelwald...
Rick Steves at the Mountain Hostel, Gimmelwald, Switzerland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He went on, “Our Rick Steves Europe Tours mantra: maximize the experience. Driving south from Rothenburg, we spent the morning with a powerful visit to the former Nazi concentration camp at Dachau (a suburb of Munich). Then after lunch, for a whiplash change of scene, we popped into the fairgrounds for Oktoberfest.

“Again, anyone can do this, Steves went on. Just drive or take a train from the city to enjoy the festive scene — parades, rides, amusements, 16 giant beer tents to choose from (and huge beers), lots of traditional food, and some of the happiest people-watching in Europe. After three hours of Oktoberfest fun, we continued on our route, driving south to Reutte in Tirol to enjoy the “King’s Castles” the next day. Prost!”

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“Thanks to Trish Feaster (thetravelphile.com) for putting together this video”, and with that, the travel gurü was gone!