There Is Still Time For May Day Celebrations

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Munich — (MunichNOW News) — May Day, known in German simply as „der Erste Mai“, is an ancient festival to welcome the spring weather and to drive away evil spirits.  May 1 is a public holiday in all German states.

People in some areas light bonfires and spend the evening and night outside. Young people may play pranks, shaving foam and „Böllers“ (firecrackers) left over from New Years Eve play a big role. Maypoles are also prepared for the following morning, known as May Day. In Bavaria there is also the custom of stealing those maypoles. Traditionally, when the maypoles are returned whoever managed to steal them gets free food and beer.

May Day is also an occasion to campaign for, and celebrate workers rights particularly in Berlin, as it coincides with the Inernational Labour Day. These events may be tied with campaigns from other European countries. The largest marches occur in Kreuzberg, an area of Berlin, or the Hamburger Schanzenviertel and attracts many political activists each year.

…but of course throwing stones at policemen isn’t the only thing you can do on May Day.

If you missed events today, or were put off by the less-than-perfect weather, there are still some events left that you can attend.

01. und 02.05.2015, 18:30 Uhr, Frauenkirche: Maiandachten
01. und 02.05.2015, Kirche St. Johannes der Täufer: Maibaumfest Taufkirchen(Maibaumaufstellen) 
01.05.2015, 20:00 Uhr, Hofbräuhaus: Maitanz mit den Wellbuam

03.05.2015, 19:00 Uhr, Marienplatz: Stadtmaiandacht mit Kardinal Marx

08. und 09.05.2015, Städtisches Gut Riem: Stadlfest Riem mit Maitanz


The traditional putting up of the maypole is one of the highlights of May 1 — photo: dpa Street fighting in Berlin-Kreuzberg on May 1 — photo: dpa