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Football Bosses Consider Video Replays to Aid Referees 

Berlin (munichNOW News / dpa) - Football bosses meeting in Zurich, Switzerland on Saturday will discuss the possibility of allowing match officials to use video

Yellow card! — photo: dpa

replays. The International Football Association Board (IFAB) agenda lists “video replay for match officials” under any other business at the conclusion of the meeting.

Regardless of the outcome of the discussion, changing the rules will not happen quickly. It is most likely that the matter will be referred to further committees for more detailed analysis and proposals.

Not up for discussion in the main part of the meeting is also the so-called ‘triple punishment’ of a penalty kick, red card and future suspension for professional fouls inside the box.

Several prominent figures including Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer and club president Uli Hoeness have said the rule should be changed.

The duo from Bayern both expressed sympathy recently for Arsenal keeper Wojciech Szczesny who was sent off for denying a goal scoring opportunity in the recent Champions League match between the teams.

In addition to the red card, a penalty was awarded and Szczesny will be suspended for the return leg in Munich.

“The rule could be changed, I would be for it,” said Hoeness.

UEFA president Michel Platini is also in favour, saying: “It would be nice if FIFA listened to the voice of the football world. The triple punishment is too much.”

Platini has proposed the matter be reviewed but Jonathan Ford, the Welsh IFAB member, has cautioned that resolving this issue will not be simple.

“We have not been successful at solving this in the past because we have not found a better way,” he said in an interview in January.

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