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1860 Show No Response To Conceding and Deservedly Lose 

Marcel Gaus put 1860 Munich’s hopes of playing in the Bundesliga next season in serious jeopardy after the Bavarians missed yet another opportunity to see off another promotion rival. Quentin Guéguen analyses the latest 1860 performance.

1860 suffered their first defeat in four undefeated games (three draws, one win) yesterday. After Kaiserslautern took the lead thanks to Marcel Gaus, who rifled past Kiraly with the help of a slight deflection from Grzegorz Wojtkowiak at the beginning of the second half, 1860 failed to respond. The visitors were able to control the game and despite not having a lot of opportunities, they made the most of Wojtkowiak’s mistake. The full back failed to clear the ball and then he showed little desire, allowing Gaus enough room to shoot. Too often this season, 1860 haven’t been aggressive enough off the ball and have paid the price.

It is a shame because 1860 were coming off a solid first-half display. They did create a few chances but Kaiserslautern goalkeeper Tobias Sippel was in form and made a couple of great saves to deny both Osako and Adlung, the hosts’ two most dangerous players. Funkel’s game plan was clear. He wanted his side to try to make the most of the visitors’ mistakes in midfield and punish them on the break. However, 1860’s build-up lacked punch and they struggled to break down Kaiserslatuern’s back line.

Marcel Gaus proved the match-winner. 1860 look short of such players this season. Photo: DPA

Gaus’ goal is the perfect example. Kaiserslautern sat deeper when they did not have the ball and tried to protect the ball when they did have it. It worked perfectly and although 1860 had no answer for it, it looked like they hardly wanted to find one. There was no resilience, passion or desire to get back into the game. Not for the first time this season, Funkel’s team were harmless and idealess. Even Moritz Stoppelkamp was not the force he normally is, only showing glimpses of his quality.

1860 did have the ball in the net, but Yannick Stark’s rocket was correctly dismissed after an offside 1860 player got a touch as the ball flew goalwards. Other than that, the biggest opportunity for the Lions in the second half was a header by… Gabor Kiraly. Yes, the goalkeeper rose highest in stoppage time but his header went just over the bar.

One has to wonder if 1860 have a gift for wasting opportunities. The ones missed on the field lead to the ones we see in the standings. Now ninth in the table, Friedhelm Funkel’s team are in typical mid-table obscurity. They are safe from relegation, but promotion is now all but beyond them. It will take a miracle for this not to be another forgettable season. If their midweek game against Cottbus follows suit of their encounter with Kaiserslautern, then not even a miracle will be enough.

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