MunichNOW MunichNOW Riemer See

MUNICH -(MunichNOW Life)- On a very cold and grey day we happened along the entrance to Munich‘s Riemer See, a small man-made lake behind the Riem Arcaden shopping mall. The large and well-maintained recreation area serves the east side of the city, and in particular, the explosive growth in local apartments.

1. The Deserted Path to the See

A look from the parking area toward the man-made lake

2. Warning! The ice is not safe! Keep out!
No Sleds  No Curling  No Skating!

Warning! No fun here!

3. The Very Clear Ice of the Riemer See

The extremely clear water is covered with an equally clear ice cover

4. Empty in Winter - Crowded in Summer

The lakeside is open fun summer sunbathing - not too popular at -2C!

5. No Refreshments in February

All closed up for winter!

6. The Climb Up to the Viewing Spot and Sledding Hill

An easy climb to a very nice view of the city and the mountains

7. Looking Back Over the Riem Fairgrounds, Site of the Old Munich Airport

Ski and sled run!

8. The Bavarian Alps to the South form the Border with Austria

Alps in the background" target="_blank">
The beach at the Riemer See with the Alps in the background

9. A View Back Up to the Top

MunichNOW MunichNOW Riemer See

10. Soccer Practice at the Neighboring Middle School at -2C!

MunichNOW MunichNOW Riemer See

11. If you go:

There is free parking right off De Gasperi Bogen, the road that runs past the backside of the fairground - and in front of the Riem Arcaden. There are lots of good walking paths and the short hike to Viewing Point is rewarded with a very pleasant view.