MUNICH — (MunichNOW News) — As the US Presidential election process moves through the conventions in the coming weeks, it has become readily apparent that more than ever before – every vote counts.

For those living overseas, arranging to vote can seem to be quite a daunting process – and it was until just a few years ago. Now there are several ways to easily take care of the voter registration process and the actual balloting.

To vote in your state’s presidential and any other elections, you first have to register as an absentee online with the Federal Voting Assistance Program,, or The US State Department recommends doing this for those living abroad at the start of each year so you can keep getting ballots sent to you.

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Then print, sign and send the resulting form to your state election office. You should get your ballot by mail or electronically (depending on the state) 45 to 30 days before the vote.

ovf 03What if you don’t have a US address?

Just register with the last state where you lived before leaving the US.

Plus, 24 states and Washington DC allow American citizens who have never lived in the US to register where a parent is eligible to vote. Find a list of these states here.