MUNICH — My French husband spent the first 18 summers of his life in a small Greek fishing village. Because we moved to Germany from California five years ago, we now often visit this village, where many residents have known him since he was a baby.

We love Greece and Greeks for a thousand reasons, and the economic problems there pain us terribly. As is the case for most countries in crisis, it’s not just the humans who are suffering but also animals.

Greece has an abundance of stray dogs. During a vacation two years ago, our 9-year-old decided that she wanted to feed the strays along the roads. We filled the rental car with dog food (apologies to whoever rented the car after us) and bought a lot of hand sanitizer. At one stop, we found an emaciated brown puppy that could barely stand.

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Source: Opinion | The Most Unpopular Dog in Germany – The New York Times