Esther Gilvray and Makrand Mujumdar in
Esther Gilvray and Makrand Mujumdar in "Stage Kiss" Photo; K Fegert

MUNCH — (MunichNOW Arts & Culture) — Sometimes, in art as in life, the best possible people make the worst possible choices. Sometimes the worst choices are the only ones left….

Such is the premise of Tony and Pulitzer nominee Sarah Ruhl’s “Stage Kiss”. In Entity Theatre’s new production, which premiered to a sold-out house at KULTURZENTRUM GOROD, it yields hilarious results.

Two actors, a former leading man well past his prime and a former leading lady whose one acting job these past ten years has been an ad for an anti-depressant, find themselves awkwardly cast as lovers in the ill-advised revival of a 1930s Broadway flop.

Esther Gilvray and Dan Marsh in "Stage Kiss"
Esther Gilvray and Dan Marsh in “Stage Kiss” Photo; K Fegert

Awkwardly, because they were lovers in real life many years ago. Ill-advised, because the nature of their parts requires them to once again navigate the pitfalls and emotional turmoil of an onstage / offstage romance – this time though with added spouses, children and economic pressure.

Add to that the demons that have haunted every small-scale theatre production since time immemorial ( overeager understudies, incompetent technical crews and a director who mistakes his utter cluelessness for artistic genius ) and what you get is a whirlwind blend of meta-theatrical antics, romantic farce and a surprisingly resonant emotional core…

Claudia Wonhoefer in "Stage Kiss"
Claudia Wonhoefer in “Stage Kiss” Photo; K Fegert

Deftly directed by Em Filer and Sophia Gonzalez, Entity’s production of “Stage Kiss” boasts a phenomenal lead performance by the versatile Esther Gilvray, who effortlessly manages to both convey to the viewer the complicated inner landscape of a woman at the crossroads of her artistic and personal life and be uproariously funny at that.

It’s a performance of rare beauty, ably supported by a strong cosmopolitan cast and a dedicated technical crew. Extra points must go to Daniel von Eichhorn for his mercilessly funny portrayal of Kevin, the understudy. We all know him. We’ve all been there.

"Stage Kiss", the current production at Entity Theatre
“Stage Kiss”, the current production at Entity Theatre Photo; K Fegert
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Most recommended.

— review by Jeremy McCowatt

Play contains adult situations ( moderate ). It may not be suitable for very young children.
UPCOMING PERFORMANCES – 25 – 26 November, 30 November – 2 December


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Entity Theatre is an international, amateur English-language theatre group located in Munich. We have members aged 18 and upwards from all corners of the world, and we welcome people with diverse backgrounds to participate in our activities and performances. Although we are an amateur group, we take what we do seriously and we have a reputation for putting on fantastic shows with excellent reviews.

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Starring Esther Gilvray as She/Ada and Dan Marsh as He/Johnny.
Directed by Sophia Gonzalez and Em Filer. Produced by Blair Gaulton.
There’s kissing, there’s singing, there’s knitting and furniture moving! But what else do we have? To find out more, come and watch the show!

23 – 26 November, 30 November – 2 December at Kulturzentrum GOROD
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