Preview of Opening Morning Oktoberfest and Opening Times!

Footage from last year shows the morning rush to the beer tents!

Oktoberfest 2019 Opening Times

Beer tents, stalls and fairground hours
When is the tapping of the barrel, what time does the music play till in the tents and what time is the last call? How long in the evening can you admire the Wiesn from above in the Ferris wheel? All the important opening times for the 186th Oktoberfest 2019, which takes place from September 21st till October 6th 2019.
Beer tent opening times
On the first Saturday of the Wiesn the tents open at 9 am, from 10 am there are alcohol-free drinks (except beer), at midday they then call: “Ozapft is!” and the beer is served. With the tapping of the barrel the Wiesn is officially opened!

Monday to Friday the tents open at 10 am, the last beer and the last song the band play is at 10.30 pm, lights out is at 11.30 pm. On Saturdays, Sundays and on the public holiday beer is served from 9 am.

Exceptions: The Käfer Wiesn-Schänke and Kuffler’s Weinzelt (wine tent) are open till 1 am, last call here is at 12.30 am.

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The small tents like chicken grills, snack and café tents are open till 11 pm.