Munich – MunichNOW News — Although German-American relations are not at their best at the moment, CSU Munich-Altstadt (the city center) is set against this development.

34860757-206x300US Consulate General Bill Moeller — photo: dpaEarlier this year, CSU invited US Consul General Bill Moeller, German MP (Bundestag) Wolfgang Stefinger and San Diego-based German entrepreneur Marcel Rogalla to discuss what they could learn from one another.

For many Americans, Germany and Bavaria are the same thing. When they think of Germany, Oktoberfest, the Kings’ castles, Hofbräuhaus and lederhosen come to mind. Moeller pointed out that the USA is still Bavaria’s most important trade partner, with Bavaria exporting more to the US than vice versa. Because of this, Bavaria would benefit from the trans-Atlantic trade agreement TTIP.

Bavaria is the part of Germany where many American soldiers were stationed, so many Americans have personal experiences with the Free State. As the result of personal cooperation between CSU chairman Armin Gastl and Marcel Rogalla, the discussion was about lessons they could learn from each other. One of the biggest differences is the fact that the American dream still exists. According to Marcel Rogalla, it’s much easier to start a business in the U.S than in Germany. It is not only about bureaucratic questions, but also a question of mentality.

You hardly hear “this would have been a good business idea.” American people just start their business, and if they fail, they try again. However, Bavaria and California also have much in common. Both are economic strongholds with a livable environment, tourist sites, and leading universities. This is the reason why Marcel Rogalla will open a branch of his company NUVIZ, which produces head-up displays for motorcycle helmets, in Munich soon.

As follow-up of this discussion, Armin Gastl and other participants of the event will found a Bavarian-Californian Society to promote relations and an official partnership between the two states. Part of this will be the promotion of close relations between Munich and San DiegoTuna Harbor and skyline in San Diego  -- photo: dpa Tuna Harbor and skyline in San Diego — photo: dpa[/caption]