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20 Upcoming TV Highlights at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN (June 23 – July 2) on the Big Screen
Featuring a Who-is-Who of German Stars and Directors

MUNICH — (MunichNOW Arts) — From political scandals to psychotherapy: The films in this year’s New German TV Movies program offer a wide variety of topics, marked by their exact research and authentic stories. “Truth is where it hurts,” says sidebar programmer Ulrike Frick.

A journalist (Benno Fürmann) exposes a scandal in the Ministry of Health in political drama “The Fourth Estate” by Brigitte Maria Bertele. In bank exposé “Dead Man Working”, director Marc Bauder takes a scathing look behind the scenes of the world of big money. Money is also the issue in Thomas Berger’s “Allmen and the Dragonflies”, based on the novel by Swiss bestselling author Martin Suter and starring Heino Ferch as a cash-strapped playboy who bends the truth a bit to keep up his luxurious lifestyle.

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New German TV Movies: Truth is Where it Hurts
Anna Fischer and Daniel Strässer in DEPARTURE — photo: FF2016

Many films are based on real events: Two-parter “Rivals Forever – The Sneaker Battle” directed by Cyrill Boss and Philipp Stennert follows the story of brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, who founded Adidas and Puma. In “Erich Kästner and Little Tuesday”, Wolfgang Murnberger retells the true story of how writer Erich Kästner (played by Florian David Fitz) made friends with one of the child actors in the 1931 film version of his most famous novel, “Emil and the Detectives”. The fourth installment of “Munich Murder – Where are You, Coward?” directed by Anno Saul picks up an unsolved real-life murder case in Munich, in which a stranger picked a fight with a couple by spitting at the woman and then stabbed her boyfriend to death. Screenplay by star crime writer Friedrich Ani and Ina Jung.

New German TV Movies: Truth is Where it Hurts
Tim Seyfi, Michael A. Grimm, Theresa Hanich, Almila Bagriacik and Selen Savas in INSPECTOR PASCHA — photo; FF16

Naturally, detectives are professionally interested in documenting the truth. While Matthias Brandt reprises his role as Inspector Hans von Meuffels in the second “Police Call 110 – Wolves” directed by Christian Petzold, in a Bavarian village, state investigators Ulrike Tscharre and Ronald Zehrfeld chase an escaped convict all the way to Romania in Dominik Graf’s “Manhunt: Escape to the Carpathians“.

Truth, suppressed and overt, is also the issue in Jan Bonny’s psychological duel “Above Barbarossaplatz”: After psychiatrist’s husband and colleague commits suicide, she has to take on his cases, which plunges her ever deeper into the dark depths of the subconscious. An intense acting battle with an outstanding cast starring Bibiana Beglau, Joachim Król, Franziska Hartmann and Shenja Lacher.

New German TV Movies: Truth is Where it Hurts
Julia Koschitz and Jonas Nay in A MINUTE’S SILENCE — photo: FF16

A long list of top German stars feature in the TV movies and are expected on the red carpet at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN, including Barbara Auer, Bernadette Heerwagen, Hannah Herzsprung, Brigitte Hobmeier, Jutta Hoffmann, Julia Koschitz, Alina Levshin, Andrea Sawatzki and Rosalie Thomass, as well as Volker Bruch, Christian Friedel, Herbert Knaup, Hanno Koffler, Ulrich Matthes, Jonas Nay, Devid Striesow, Jördis Triebel, Ulrich Noethen und Mark Waschke.

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All films in the New German TV Movie sidebar are competing for the prestigious Bernd Burgemeister TV Movie Award, which will be presented on Sunday, June 26 at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN. The award carries a purse of €25,000 Euros and is sponsored by TV producers’ royalty co. VFF. This year’s jury consists of producers Molly von Fürstenberg (“Greetings from Fukushima”), Rüdiger Heinze (“Be My Baby”) and Ulrich Lenze (“A Murderous Decision”).