New 4K Video! | Munich From Above: Grünwald – Isar – Schloss – Rumble like a River

MUNICH (MunichNOW Video) — Our video contributor, Maex Ten, has been flying around our big village again! Here is is latest report:

“Hello everyone, this time Munich From Above has gone to Grünwald to get some nice aerial shots from the Isar (Isarauen). I recommend to visit this place when the weather is warm. There is a lot of space to relax, walk with your dog, or even barbecue near the river. You also can take a ride on a horse, as there is a big range near by. Enjoy!

Music by: Bishop Briggs – River
Drone: Dji Mavic Pro
Edited with Final Cut Pro X / No color grading !! straight out the box/drone
Mobile: Apple iPhone 6 Plus

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Grünwald (German for green forest) is a municipality in the district of Munich, in Bavaria, Germany. It is located on the right bank of the Isar, 12 km southwest of Munich (centre). As of 31 December 2011 it had a population of 11,109.

Grünwald is best known for its medieval castle Grünwald (Burg Grünwald), for the Bavaria Film Studios (one of Europe’s biggest and most famous movie production studios), and as a domicile for many prominent and rich people (Grünwald is the wealthiest municipality in Germany). The castle today houses a branch of the Bavarian Archaeological Museum.

Munich From Above | Grunwald is south of Munich -- munichFOTO
Munich From Above | Grunwald is south of Munich — munichFOTO

For the 1972 Summer Olympics, the municipality hosted the individual road race cycling event for the 1972 Summer Olympics. A nearly 23 km (14 mi) circuit to be traversed eight times was used for these races.

source: Wikipedia

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