New 4K Video! | Munich From Above: Frühlingsfest at the Theresienwiese

Munich From Above:
Frühlingsfest Spring Festival – Ferris Wheel – Europe’s Biggest Flea Market

Comments from Maex Ten, MunichNOW’s newest contributor – and what a contributor! If a picture is worth a 1000 words, these Maex Ten videos are worth a million words!

“What a great weekend I had, On Friday, Europe’s biggest flea market got under way at the Theresienwiese, the site of the annual world-famous Oktoberfest. On Saturday the Frühlingsfest Spring Festival started at the same location and will run for two weeks.

The weather was great on Friday, unfortunately Saturday’s weather forecast didn’t look so good, but we had some luck as it didn’t rain till 4 p.m.

MunichNOW Nissan

It was stressful to find a bit time to fly my lovely drone over this place and there was a little problem with the German Police 🙂 but everything worked out just fine, and I hope you enjoy the short film I made.”

— Maex Ten
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Music: Blue Wednesday- Apple Pies & Butterflies
Edited with Final Cut Pro X
Drone: DJI Phantom 3 Standard
Mobile: Iphone 6plus

Frühlingsfest at the Theresienwiese -- munichFOTO
Frühlingsfest at the Theresienwiese — munichFOTO
Lots to eat at the Frülingsfest -- munichFOTO
Lots to eat at the Frülingsfest — munichFOTO