Munich, the city world famous for its beer, is the ideal setting for a festival which brings together some of the most brilliant scientists to a local pub to discuss their latest research and findings.  Join us next week at venues across the city for a celebration of all things science.

MUNICH — (MunichNOW News) — For the second consecutive year, The Pint of Science festival comes to Munich. The free events take place across three evenings, from May 15th to 17th, in a bar or pub near you!

Munich Pint of Science Festival -- photo: Laura Roberts
The 2016 Pint of Science event at Stragula (Bergmannstraße 66 80339 München). This year’s events on Monday and Tuesday will also take place at Stragula. On Wednesday join at the Keg Bar (Trautenwolfstraße 1 80802 München) — photo: Laura Roberts

From 7pm onwards, with a beer (or two) in hand, enjoy a series of informal and interactive talks, in English, by leading scientist in their fields. Topics span developments in artificial intelligence, the science of sleep and whether Earth-like worlds orbiting nearby stars could be inhabited.

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Read on for a taste of what to expect during each of the events. No prior knowledge of science or the subject is needed.  The talks will be delivered in an accessible and easy-to-understand language!

You can register for tickets in advance, via the website, or simply come along on the night. Full details of the line-up, including speakers and topics can be found on The Pint of Science website, the event Facebook page or on Twitter.

Rise of the Machines

From autonomous cars, to Siri, Apple’s personal assistant, right through to Netflix predicting which shows you are most likely to enjoy once you’ve finished binging on (*insert the name of your favorite TV series here), artificial intelligence is shaping the world we live in. But how far have computers, robots and artificial intelligence already entered the world of medicine? With a series of examples, researchers will demonstrate the technological and ethical challenges we still face in bringing the two worlds closer together.

Bodies and Minds

With one in three people suffering from insomnia and restful sleep being crucial to the human body functioning normally, knowing what constitutes good quality sleep and how to achieve it, is the mission of Prof. Till Roenneberg‘s. His ‘Human Sleep Project’ aims to establish the true role of sleep, by gathering data from millions of people. If you’ve ever suffered sleepless nights come along to the talk to hear all about it!

The Earth and Beyond

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Mysterious, violent and rare, volcanic lightning is a wonder of nature. It only happens in the ash-rich plumes of erupting volcanos, but is a true spectacle to behold. Researchers at Ludwig-Maximillian University have photographed and recorded the sounds made by the unusual bolts of lightning in Japan’s Mount Sakurajima, one of the most active volcanoes on the planet. The new data mean that scientists are now better able to understand why and how the rare phenomenon occurs.

Munich Pint of Science 2017
Munich Pint of Science 2017

Experience this true natural wonder at the Keg Bar on Wednesday 17th May, from 7:00pm.

Munich Pint of Science 2017
Munich Pint of Science 2017