Marienplatz was tge midway point -- munichFOTO
Marienplatz was the midway point -- munichFOTO

The Women’s March one year later: Taking back Congress and the #metoo movement

MUNICH — (MunichNOW News) — On Saturday, 20 January 2018, hundreds of Munich-based Americans and friends will be marching from Siegestor to Marienplatz to rally for the foundational rights and dignity of all people and register US citizens to vote in upcoming elections. The march is sponsored by Democrats Abroad together with the American Association of University and Professional Women, the Munich American Peace Committee and The Munich Feminist Project. The march starts promptly at 14:00 at Siegestor and ends in Marienplatz at 16:00.

Munich Women's March 2017
Munich Women’s March 2017 — munichFOTO

Last January, over 4 million Americans — more than 1% of the population — joined a Women’s March in many cities across the country. Solidarity marches also took place world wide – from small Pacific islands to Berlin, London, Paris and 1.000+ in Munich. What started as a protest march blossomed into a renewed wave of activism and political participation.

Of equal importance this year is the rise of #metoo. According to the Munich chapter chair of Democrats Abroad and organizer of the Women’s March in Munich, Meghan Driscoll, “While this march supports women taking on greater leadership roles, a fundamental part of that empowerment is to first listen to women and believe in them.”

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These girls elicited a big cheer from the crowd -- munichFOTO
These girls elicited a big cheer from the crowd — munichFOTO

A key goal of this march is to send a clear message to Washington that President Trump’s personally abhorrent behavior (accused of sexual assault and harassment) will not be tolerated in the future. In response, record number of women ran for office in US local elections in November 2017, pro-civil rights candidates won in surprising upset elections and normal Americans regularly call Congress to have their voices heard.

Munich Women's March 2017
Munich Women’s March 2017

While these are positive signs, real change will only come with the federal elections in November 2018. Electing progressive candidates to Congress would finally check the abuses and negligence of the Trump administration. The chaos in the White House threatens not just the US way of life, but also international norms and stability. “We want our US citizens living here in Bavaria to have their voices heard all the way over in Washington.”

Antje is German and Miriam comes from Mexico -- munichFOTO

Antje is German and Miriam comes from Mexico — munichFOTOThis march will be one of the many marches and rallies taking place internationally in solidarity with the Women’s Weekend (20-21 January 2018) marches in the United States. In Germany alone, Democrats Abroad members and supporters will participate in marches in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Kaiserslautern and Munich. These marches will affirm the foundational rights that support the functioning of a free and modern democracy: to be treated with dignity, to have equality, to have a free and functioning press and to have one’s vote count.

US Voters
There are as many as 7 million Americans living outside of the country

Throughout the march and afterwards, volunteers will be on hand to help US citizens register to vote and request 2018 absentee ballots. This is an important step as US citizens must request a new absentee ballot each year they are abroad. More information can be found at:

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Votefromabroad Logo

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