MUNICH — (MunichNOW Life) — While other cities of the world celebrate carnival, in Munich Fasching is celebrated. The word Fasching is derived from the medieval word vaschnc. In today’s times it has evolved in the German Fastnacht and relates to the fasting period. This fasting period begins immediately after Fasching and is no referred to as Lent.

MunichNOW Munich Fasching 2018
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A Bit of Fasching Tradition

It was at the 11th hours of the 11th day of the 11th month that the Fasching Prince and Princess were coronated, in preparation for their reign over the crazy season, which began on the 7th January and continues now through Shrove Tuesday or Faschingsdienstag. During this crazy season every society, corporation or guild throws its own Fasching ball.

The craziest times of Fasching are the later days, climaxing on Faschingssonntag (the Sunday preceding Shrove Tuesday) as well as on Faschingsdienstag itself, of course.

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For a complere Fasching schedule, in German, go here

MunichNOW Munich Fasching 2018
MunichNOW Munich Fasching 2018
MunichNOW Munich Fasching 2018
MunichNOW Munich Fasching 2018

Munich area restaurants add Ash Wednesday fish specialities to their menus, and at the large meeting point Fischbrunner fountain in the Marienplatz, purses are rinsed out, a tradition said to make sure that they will not be emptied for at least another year.

MunichNOW Cold Cold Day In Munich
The water can get pretty cold for the pocket book rinsing in February at the Fischbrunnen — MunichNOW

The “Münchners“ are now allowed a short time to catch their breath before the Strong Beer Season begins!

For full coverage of this amazing holiday period visit the Munich City Portal (German)

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