FCB v. Leipzig
FCB v. Leipzig

MUNICH — (MunichNOW Comment) — Bundesliga leaders FC Bayern play 6th place RB Leipzig today, in a match which means little to the leaders. If they win, then they would only need two points from their remaining matches to secure their 20th title in a row. Or maybe it’s their 21st, but I do not have enough digits to count that high.

Thomas Müller (FC Bayern Munich), german national football team (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Thomas Müller (FC Bayern Munich), german national football team (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interestingly enough, the two teams represent the remaining German entrants into European football. The Bundesliga, though second in attendance amongst the major European leagues, has not had much quality when pitted against other leagues.

There is little doubt that the two teams are the most reviled throughout the Fatherland (the masculine idea of Germany may be shelved as a casualty of political correctness).

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FC Bayern has deep pockets due to its continued success and branding which can be found on everything from toasters to women’s underwear. Nothing like an FC Bayern badge on the front of lace panties to get the attention of a fan’s sausage. With sweet mustard, of course.

Deutsch: Der Fanshop des FC Bayern München in ...
Deutsch: Der Fanshop des FC Bayern München in der Bräuhausstraße in München. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The RB in RB Leipzig means Red Bull, the sugary caffeinated drink which sells for thrice the cost of a bottle of beer. It means they also have deep pockets, but through another channel completely. Red Bull for many fans has become akin to an oil sheik or rich Russian oligarch, able to put a competitive team on the market in years rather than decades, as most of the other Bundesliga teams are forced to sell their best players when the chance for profit comes.

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Though they may dislike the teams on display today, a good many Germans will not hope that there is too much rough play because on Friday, members from the two clubs will come together to take on Spain, and in ten days’ time Brazil, in two friendlies which are more important than normal.

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After all, the real football begins in Russia when Germany plays Mexico in the World Cup, and ‘Die Mannschaft’ has a title to defend.

The Allianz Arena is a football stadium in the...
The Allianz Arena is a football stadium in the north of Munich, Germany. Because of its shape, the stadium is nicknamed the « Schlauchboot » (inflatable boat). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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