2015: KALIBER 35 Munich International Short Film Fest Begins
2015: KALIBER 35 Munich International Short Film Fest Begins


MUNICH — (MunichNOW Art & Culture) — If you are a fan of independent films, short films, documentary films, off-beat films, foreign-language films, not-blockbuster films, then being in Munich in the month of June 2015 is film nirvana!

Along with the venerable Filmfest München and the new Underground Filmfestival, we also have the KALIBER35 Munich International Short Film Festival this weekend right thtough to next Wednesday, June 24th.

The film categories this year are quite unusual, SWEET, SOUR, SALTY, BITTER and UMAMI, with each of the five categories having five short films that in some way relate to the category. There will also be a choice of fantastic German short films in the special category, BEST OF GERMANY.

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This “short” film festival will be screening 35 films from 20 countries. Two British films, “My Stuffed Granny”, and “Pineapple Calamari” are included in the extensive list. In a unique move, attendees will have the opportunity to make thier own short film during the festival week with our KURZ&KNAPP competition!

Here are some of the choices in the various categories:

 Go Dann Go!


SOUR: Pastorale

BITTER: The Bear Family Secret
the bear family secret


MunichNOW Golfcenter Ismaning

SALTY: Til Day’s End
til days end



BEST of GERMANY: A Pinch of Oscar
a pinch of oscar

The extra good news about a short film fest is that there is time to do it. Everyone can make time for a few of these excellent and interesting choices.