MUNICH — (MunichNOW Arts & Culture) — Blutenburg, directly translated to blood castle, sounds like an awesome name for a  medieval castle, doesn’t it? Unfortunately Munich’s hidden castle is now called Schloss Blutenburg, so its name is now “palace blood castle,” which isn’t quite as fun.

MunichNOW Schloss Blutenburg
MunichNOW Schloss Blutenburg –munichFOTO

This medieval castle was built between 1438 and 1501 for Duke Albrecht III and his son Duke Sigismund. As with most castles in the area, it was neglected at some point, in this case during the 30 years war, and later restored.  Restoration took place in the late 17th century and unfortunately they did not bother to restore its full defenses and therefore some of its castle character.

MunichNOW Schloss Blutenburg
MunichNOW Schloss Blutenburg

Still, it retains the castle structure and definitely looks beautiful in its little park.  I would go so far as to say it is the only “real” castle left in the city limits of Munich.  (both the Alter Hof and the Residenz at one point were castles, but they’ve been modified so many times that you can’t really see them as castles any longer)

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MunichNOW Schloss Blutenburg
MunichNOW Schloss Blutenburg

What I love about this castle is its appearance and its slightly hidden location.  Most tourists will never see it, which makes it a little more fun for those that do.

English: Castle Blutenburg, Munich, Germany De...
English: Castle Blutenburg, Munich, Germany Deutsch: Schloss Blutenburg München, Deutschland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Getting there as a tourist is a BIT more difficult than pretty much anything in your guide books, but these days you just download your MVV app  or visit the MVV Journey Planner website and away you go…

Before you go, check the Schloss Blutenburg website (German) for the latest exhibits, opening times, and entrance fees. The grounds are free to all.

Schloss Blutenburg Photo Gallery:

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  1. There is a great little museum dedicated to Michael Ende. He wrote one of Germans’ all-time favorite books, “Momo”, as well as the well-known trilogy “The Never Ending Story”.

  2. After fueling up on waffles and beer we headed upward to the mighty castle! The castle over yonder! We climbed up the hill via a long flight of stairs and upon reaching the castle we entered and walked up yet another flight of tiny spiral stairs.

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