MunichNOW Entity English Language Theater -- photo: K Fegert
MunichNOW Entity English Language Theater -- photo: K Fegert

MUNCH — (MunichNOW Arts & Culture) — Entity Theatre has been busy rehearsing their upcoming shows, “Commence” and “Being Norwegian”. The two one-act plays will run from 18-21 April and 26-28 April. We asked for an update and received this newsy response a few days ago!


Ever had an awkward first date? Come and meet Kelli & Arlin, as well as Sean & Lisa, as love, loneliness and laughter blend together in an evening of two one-act plays presented by Munich’s English-language theater company, Entity Theatre.

MunichNOW Entity English Language Theater
From left. sitting: Ester Gilvray, Dasha Kozlova Standing: Daniel Beaver, Kate Scholes, Adriane Richter, Elizabeth Goetze MunichNOW Entity English Language Theatre — photo: Katrin Fegert


Kelli hasn’t had much luck with men recently, so when a colleague sets her up on a blind date with a guy called Arlin, Kelli pulls out all the stops to look great. She’s even lost 10 pounds so she can fit into her dress. But when Arlin knocks on the door, Kelli’s ‘perfect date’ turns out to be a woman wearing a parka and sensible shoes.

This is not the promising start that Kelli was hoping for, and even worse, at least one person in the office seems to think she’s a lesbian. It’s enough to make anyone turn to drink. A very stiff drink. With lots of ice. All dressed up with no place to go, can Kelli and Arlin see past their differences and enjoy the evening after all?

This comedy by Jane Shepard has twists and turns to make you laugh out loud then take a sharp intake of breath!

Being Norwegian

Sean planned to spend a quiet evening alone in the pub, but something about Lisa caught his eye. As for Lisa, she’s seen Sean before and there’s something about him. She can’t put her finger on it, but there’s definitely a connection between them. After inviting Lisa back to his place, Sean starts to think it was a bad idea.

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He doesn’t have any furniture apart from an old sofa and he can’t find anything to offer Lisa to drink. But Lisa couldn’t care less about the lack of furniture because the view of the city from Sean’s window reminds her of home. Where is Lisa from? Why are Sean’s possessions in moving boxes? And what drew them to each other?

In this dark, funny encounter by David Greig, two outsiders reach out to each other across the deep fjords of the heart.

Commencing is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.
Being Norwegian is presented by arrangement with Casarotto & Associates.

This is an amateur performance in English.
Tickets are on sale via the Entity Theatre website. Tickets are 18 Euro (12 Euro for concessions) plus booking fee.

Starring Dasha Kozlova as Kelli, Elizabeth Goetze as Arlin, Esther Gilvray as Lisa, and Daniel Beaver as Sean.
Directed by Kate Scholes, assisted by Adriane Richter. Produced by Mattias Carlborg.

MunichNOW Entity English Language Theater
Adriane Richter, Asst. Director and Kate Scholes, Director MunichNOW Entity English Language Theatre– photo: Katrin Fegert

 About the authors

Jane Shepard is an award-winning playwright and film director, as well as a professional actor. She lived and worked in New York City for 25 years, where she developed plays in association with some of the city’s most renowned theatre companies. Shepard’s work is distinguished by a contemporary humour that blends the quixotic elements of human nature with our deeper search for meaning. (Source:

David Greig is a writer and theatre-maker based in Scotland. His first involvement with theatre was with Edinburgh Youth Theatre where he acted in a number of shows. In 1987 he went to Bristol University to study English and Drama. Since 2006, David has been on the board of The Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh. (Source:

MunichNOW | Entity Theatre e.V. is Munich's English-speaking theater troup
MunichNOW | Entity Theatre e.V. is Munich’s English-speaking theater troup
About Entity Theatre e.V.
Entity Theatre is an international, amateur English-language theatre group located in Munich. We have members aged 18 and upwards from all corners of the world, and we welcome people with diverse backgrounds to participate in our activities and performances. Although we are an amateur group, we take what we do seriously and we have a reputation for putting on fantastic shows with excellent reviews.

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