Cast photo of The Seagull
Dascha Kozlova, Ester Gilvray, and Makrand Mujumdar from the cast of The Seagull photo; Katrin Fegurt

MUNICH(MunichNOW Arts & Culture)“Lend Me A Tenor” by Ken Ludwig will whisk you away to the wild and crazy world of opera. A surefire screwball comedy with loads of laughs!

A tragic comedy. A timeless classic: For this year’s winter production Munich’s English community theatre Entity has chosen the masterpiece of Russian author and playwright Anton Chekhov. The Seagull is a heart-wrenching and absurdly funny story about love, art and ill-fated ambition. Stage and light transform the setting; a country manor at the edge of a lake, into an estranged, dreamlike place.

On October 19, the stage was ours at the cozy and welcoming Munich Readery photo: Katrin Fegert

An international cast breathes life into Chekhov’s multi-layered characters, who never mean what they say and hide real emotions behind eccentric behaviour. The audience cannot help but sympathise with their tragic failings, only to be surprised at the next moment by hilariously funny scenes full of dark humour.

Performances in English take place November 28-30, 2019 at Pepper Theater Neuperlach.

About the Play:
On his uncle’s estate in the Russian countryside, young writer Konstantin is preparing the performance of his first self-written play, hoping to finally impress his mother Irina, an ageing actress. But Drama begins to unfold as soon as the audience arrives at the little stage by the lake, and in the aftermath of that fateful evening Konstantin and his guests struggle with artistic failure and unrequited love, while trying to accept or escape their petty, unsatisfying lives.

The second week of Ocober was very exciting for the Seagull cast: They were booked for two rehearsed readings in Munich’s trendy Schwabing district. And what better places are there if you perform a Russian play in English than a Russian pub and an English bookshop!
On October 15, a special dish was offered at Salon Irkutsk, together with some very delicious vodka — photo: Katrin Fegert

About the Author:
Anton Chekhov (1860-1904) is among the greatest writers of Russian literature. Though a physician by profession, he composed more than 600 literary works, which for the most part portray bourgeois life in the Russian countryside. His plays, which tend to focus more on creating a specific mood than the plot itself, have significantly influenced modern theatre.

An Entity Theatre e.V. production, performed in English.
Directed by Bogdan Tabacaru
Produced by Katrin Fegert

Esther Gilvray (Irina Arkadina), Oliver Sachgau (Konstantin), Roger Voight (Sorin), Dasha Kozlova (Nina), Shreyas Bettadapura Raghavendra (Shamrayev), Doris Herwig (Polina), Luiza Maddalozzo (Masha), Makrand Mujumdar (Trigorin), Antoine Pelletier (Dorn), Probal Shome (Medvedenko) Martin Büsing (Yakov)

November 28-30, 8pm
February 19-22, 8pm


Pepper Theater
Thomas-Dehler-Straße 12
81737 Munich-Neuperlach

€18 (€12 concessions)
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A production by Entity Theatre in English.
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