Depeche Mode in Munich -- photo: Bobbi Dunn
Depeche Mode in Munich -- photo: Bobbi Dunn

MUNICH — (MunichNOW Arts & Culture) — The Depeche Mode “Global Spirit Tour” touched down in Munich on a wet June 9th Friday night. MN contributor Bobbie Dunn was there.

Double Rainbow over Olympiapark -- photo: Bobbi Dunn
Double Rainbow over Olympiapark — photo: Bobbie Dunn

Friday evening in the Olympiastadion, we were treated to a bit of a rain shower, followed by a double rainbow while The Horrors played their set before the Depeche Mode Global Spirits Tour. They were certainly an interesting band, but a victim of a horrible mix, which is certainly no fault of theirs.

There were lots of people (50,000+) and we were in the cheap seats with a limited side view, at 76€ a pop. The people to our right paid 10€ more (we saw their tickets in the seat number confusion debacle, a whole chapter in itself) and then people paid progressively more.

The seats in the Stadium are very uncomfortable and live, my ears could not compress this sound as well as my iPhone did, but the good news, is that these guys play like a well-oiled machine and all are in top voice. They did not disappoint.

From the time that three separate black vans delivered them in rockstar fashion to the side stage, until the last, this was a real show. Interestingly enough, the first strains we heard were not theirs, but the voice of the great John Lennon singing “Revolution,” ending on the words “But when you talk about destruction, Don’t you know that you can count me out”, which this writer took to be a statement against recent violent events.

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The media on the screens was an artful mixture of live stage and music videos which were so synced, I first thought that they were miming to playback. Truly, these pros can and do perform to a level worthy of straight recording to a live album.

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True to their fashion roots, there was a lighted catwalk where Dave Gahan strutted his stuff, and positively glowed in the adoration of the audience. Even though I had limited side view of the monitor, the thrill on his face was palpable and it was evident that the guys were enjoying this as much as their loyal fans.

50,000+ braved an early rain storm to see Depeche Mode at Munich's Olympiastadion -- photo: Dobbi Dunn
50,000+ braved an early rain storm to see Depeche Mode at Munich’s Olympiastadion — photo: Dobbie Dunn
Depeche Mode-- photo: Bobbi Dunn
Depeche Mode– photo: Bobbie Dunn

At one point, after the beginning of a song, he stopped singing and the crowd took over, not missing a syllable. He then ecstatically exclaimed to everyone, “You’re the Best!” His glow was as bright as any of the stage lights. Martin Gore took his turn down the walk with “A Question of Lust” to the delight of the serenading devotees below.

With newer material at the beginning of the concert, the crescendo began to build as darkness filled the arena and was replaced with the thousands of points of light from smartphones to the shared strains of “Enjoy the Silence” to a finale of their best loved hits.

Whether you are a casual or devoted Depeche Mode fan, if Global Spirit Tour comes to your area, go!


Dave Gahan -- photo: Depeche
Dave Gahan — photo: Depeche