Marchers pass by Marienhof on their way to Marienplatz -- munichFOTO
Marchers pass by Marienhof on their way to Marienplatz -- munichFOTO

MUNICH (MunichNOW News) — On Friday, 17 February 2017, Americans and friends of American values will be gathering to send a message to the United States delegation at the MSC 2017 that they will not stand by and allow the current administration to trod on our timeless values of equality, openness and inclusivity.

The rally will also be reaffirming the United States’ place in the world as a defender of human rights and international cooperation. (This rally is ​in no means protesting the goals and values of the Munich Security Conference.)

Democrats Abroad will be rallying at the Friedensengel to show the American delegation that the unrest ignited by Trump administration extends beyond the US border.

In the last three weeks, the Trump Administration has unconstitutionally targeted undocumented immigrants who pose no danger to society, attacked the validity of US elections and elevated two individuals, Secretary Betsy DeVos and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, with poor records on equality.

Many Americans fear that these shocking changes are the beginning of a long-term erosion of fundamental human rights inside the United States and a retrenchment from our international rights commitments.

Marienplatz was tge midway point -- munichFOTO
Marienplatz was the midway point — munichFOTO

“For Americans living abroad state visits are incredible opportunities to remind our
representatives that we are here and are paying attention,” says Meghan Driscoll, chair of the Munich chapter of Democrats Abroad.

Join us from 7pm to 9pm in support of “bridges not walls” in the US and internationally. You can confirm your participation at the Democrats Abroad Munich Chapter website

Democrats Abroad Munich
Democrats Abroad Munich
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