MUNICH — (MunichNOW News) — We just received this update from Democrats Abroad Munich on their next meeting and other upcoming events and American political news.


Democrats Abroad

Hi Democratic Munich,

MunichNOW Nissan

Wow, so we are 100 + days in, only about 1350 more to go! I know the House passing the Trumpcare bill came as a shock to us all, but we must continue to keep up the pressure.

Over the past 100 days, we’ve seen that citizen action DOES work. The Republican agenda was blocked with no major cuts to the EPA, NIH and other programs and no funding for the wall. Keep up those phone calls back home – especially as defend access to healthcare in the Senate!

Next week we have our annual Tax advisory session at our Monthly Chapter Meeting. Denise Rose will be speaking about US taxes, FACTA/FBAR and answering your questions. This tends to be a popular event every year, so be sure to be on time to get a seat. More details are below.

Before we get to upcoming events, I wanted to briefly shout out two local actions:

Munich March for Science -- munichFOTO
Munich March for Science — munichFOTO
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A big congrats to the March For Science – Munich. While Democrats Abroad was not an organizer, one of our members spearheaded this wildly popular march. Randy Caldwell did an awesome job getting 4,000 people to come out in a cold April day! For those of you who attended – thank you for speaking out for sanity.

For those who were unable to attend, speakers from universities, tech startups and other organizations gave wonderful speeches about the importance of science and fact-based policy making. And a gold star to our German neighbors who had wonderful punny signs like “Wissen schaffen Freiheit.”  You can check out more coverage about the march on its Facebook page:

As part of the Tax Day events, the Munich Chapter sent dozens of postcards to the White House, asking for the release of Trump’s tax returns. We also wrote state and federal officials who are working to make tax returns release mandatory as well as made phone calls. This is will be a long campaign for transparency, and every small action helps combat the notion that “no one is asking for them.”

Looking for an uplifting smile? Check out Samantha Bee’s Not the White House Correspondence Dinner.


We are encouraging our members to take a moment to write a post card or letter to your congressional representatives to be hand delivered during the annual Dems Abroad Congressional door-knock mid May.   We will send the letters over with our local members who will be participating.  Talk about FATCA, Overseas Taxation, Defending Voting Rights and any other issue that matters to you while living overseas.
You can drop off letters at the chapter meeting on May 10, or mail them by May 12 to:  21 Lautererstraße
München, BY 81545
Sealed letters must be opened up by DA before handing over to Congressional offices.

10 May – Monthly Chapter Meeting – Topic: U.S. Tax Expert Speaker

19:00 EineWelt Haus, Schwanthalerstrasse 80

Special guest speaker Ms. Denise Rose, CPA in Munich, certified advisor for international taxation, will be delivering the annual tax session.  Her presentation will include:

– The basics for US citizens in Germany: Who needs to file a US income tax return, deadlines, etc.

– Reporting income from: salaries, capital gains, investments, rental income, old-age pensions…

– Methods of avoiding double taxation

It is a golden opportunity to inform yourself and get your tax questions answered!  Feel free to bring any Americans you know, as well as interested friends/ partners/ family members.  There is a suggested donation at the door of 5 euro and you do not have to be a member of Democrats Abroad.

If there are topics or questions you particularly want her to cover, please email  and we will do our best to accommodate.

16 May – Political Pub Night – Munich Young Dems, 19:30 The Keg Bar, Trautenwolfstraße 1

Join us on the third Tuesday of every month to discuss the latest issues in politics, learn about new initiatives for the Democratic Party, share ideas and best practices in political activism, and to conduct small acts of activism (e.g. postcard writing, poster designing). Please RSVP by emailing me back, or via the Facebook event page, in case there are changes.

(and, everyone is young at heart J)

30 May, Letter to Editor and Op-Ed Writing Workshop a la Resistance! Stories with Impact,  19:00
Address of this event will be sent upon receiving your RSVP.  Reply to this email to RSVP

The opinion pages are the most-read part of the paper, and congressional staffers keep a close eye on media coverage. Even unpublished your letter has impact:  the more letters are received on a topic, the more resources allocated to cover the issue. And publishing a letter in your hometown paper is more important than ever:  as you witnessed with the Affordable Care Act town halls, resistance to Trump policies is moving to state and local levels.
We are going to do a writing workshop so bring whatever first drafts you were able start on.  Additionally we will be making calls to congress and talking strategy.

Letter to Editor TIPS:
1.  Respond when possible to a recent article and reference it. If your issue is not covered,  state your concern the paper hasn’t focused on it.
2.  Follow your paper’s directions. Opinion pages specify what they will publish. Mine, for example, publishes submissions up to 200 words, and must include my name, home city, and daytime telephone number.
3.  Timely:  ideally, it’s best to respond within 2-3 days of article published.
4. Share your expertise. For ex-pat Americans, we have a unique perspective.
5.  When addressing a policy, refer to legislator or officer by name.
6.  Keep the letter short, focused, interesting. That means 150-200 words, keeping to a single point, adding a local or personal connection

Please let us know if you get published in the paper!

Information Day and Passport Day at the U.S.  Consulate General, June 17, 2017 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
This is a great opportunity to update those passports and learn about the other groups in Munich.   DA Munich chapter will have a table to stop by to say hello and show your support.

Mark your calendars: Details to follow as we get closer to these dates.

  • Tuesday, July 4th Celebration: Pot Luck at the BierGarten!  Michaelibad 6pm.  Come out, have a beer, and share your favorite summer-time picnic dish.  
  • Christopher Street Day, 15 July: Come join us for a fun, uplifting event celebrating the GLBTQ community in Munich and worldwide. We are looking for volunteers to help coordinate this event, so please contact us.


Here are some more ways to get involved. Follow Democrats Abroad on Facebook for up-to-date actions you can take in response to events:

  • Host a resistance gathering! We need hosts for summer resistance!
  • Call your Members of Congress about an issue you care about at the Congressional switchboard: 202-224-3121.  Your first time feels awkward but it gets better with practice! You can call for “nearly free” using Skype – please contact me if you want help learning how to do this.
  • 1 Coffee = 1 Voter: In 2016, we calculated that each Euro spent resulted in 3 new members/voters.    Donating a ‘cup of coffee’ to DA each month allows us to budget for ads, printed materials, voting booths, signs and other items to get information out to more Americans in Germany.   Any and all donations are appreciated – one time or monthly or quarterly.  Here’s the bank info for the transfer.  To make it a recurring donation, you would do a Dauerauftrag.

Account name: Democrats Abroad Germany
IBAN: DE04 5405 0220 0140 2702 99

  • Volunteer! The limit of our impact is only the limit of how many volunteers we have. If you want to donate your time or expertise, please write back to this email letting me know or update your DA profile at and be sure to check off “interested in volunteering” so that we can follow up with you.  We are looking for assistance with a resistance run group,

Democratically yours,

Meghan Driscoll, Munich Chapter Chair and the rest of DAMIT

DA Germany-Munich