MUNICH (MunichNOW News) -Alexander Dobrindt has postponed the launch of the car toll and now the EU will initiate infringement proceedings against Germany. The Minister of Transport does not believe that the launch of the car toll will be possible in 2016.

Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (pictured above) brings the long-standing issue of the auto toll to a standstill, due to the announced contraventions by the European Commission to launch the German car toll. In an interview with the “Bild” newspaper the CSU politician said, “Now that the violations have been publicized, we act constitutionally and wait for a court decision.” Starting the car toll in the course of 2016 is therefore no longer possible.

He will, however, continue preparing for the inauguration. Dobrindt stated, “The federal government has clearly demonstrated that the toll-laws are EU-compliant. That is why we are developing and working on the toll-model”. A ruling by the European Court of Justice could be done to implement the infrastructural levies. “We will not let anyone prevent us from creating more justice in the street,” said Dobrindt. A disadvantage of foreign motorists is not expressly specified.

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The federal government wants domestic motorists compensate by consideration in the road tax for the introduction of the toll. Therefore, there are two main laws - one to regulate the tolls and one for changes in road tax. In fact, the taxes are largely in the hands of EU countries. By combining the two laws, the toll would, impact Kfz (German= Kraftfahrzeug – English= motor vehicle) taxpayers abroad. Therefore, the project is so controversial. The European Commission suspects this to have breached the principle of non - discrimination. It is a principle of the EU Treaties that no citizen can have disadvantages because of his nationality.

Seeing that a distinct solution has not yet been determined and is therefore still open for discussion, here are a few important considerations.

Overhead scanners will detect who has paid and who has not — munichFOTO

Who has to pay the car toll?

The car toll applies to all cars and campers. It applies to all motorways and main roads for German motorists. Foreigners only need to pay on the motorways. The owner of the car needs to pay, except for vehicles that are already exempt from the Kfz tax. These include electric cars and vehicles for disabled individuals.

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How much is the vignette?

German motorists have to buy a vignette. Their price depends on how the vehicle taxes according to environmental friendliness and engine capacity. Diesel cars are more expensive, due to the Kfz tax.

1. Vehicles with emission class Euro 3 or worse:

Gas engine: 6.50 Euro
Diesel engine: 9.50 Euro

2. Vehicles of emission classes Euro 4 and Euro 5:

Gas engine: 2 Euro
Diesel engine: 5 Euro

3. Vehicles of emission class Euro 6:

Gas engine: 1.80 Euro
Diesel engine: 4.80 Euro

Where can you buy the vignette?

The term “Vignette” is misleading, due to the fact that plaques, similar to the ones used in Austria or Switzerland, should not be used. Instead, Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt wants to examine the toll electronically: The database detects who has or has not paid. Moreover, permanently installed control stations could be installed to confirm that all fees have been paid.

Vignettes can be purchased on the Internet or at petrol stations, even though the majority has them delivered to their homes.

Windshied stickers will not be used

What happens if I do not pay?

Citizens, who do not pay the fees, will have to receive a fine of 260 euros plus the cost of the annual vignette. These regulations may change, due to the fact that the Pkw Maut has not been made official.

What other vignettes are there?

Foreign motorists have a choice of a ten- day vignette for ten euros and a two-month vignette for 22 Euro. But you can also buy a vignette that is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.


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