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MUNICH — (MunichNOW Sports) — With more than 700 spectators looking on, the Bundesliga All-Stars ended up on the down side of an 11-1 score against the German National team. The rain held off, but the offense was just not there on Sunday afternoon for the All-Stars.

There were kids, cheeseburgers, fries, music, fresh cookies and cakes, a bouncy castle, souvenirs, and loads of happy spectators and fans enjoying a summer afternoon of baseball right here in Munich!

Big crowd and no rain! — munichFOTO

The good news is, however, that local hero Ryan Bollinger won the before-game Home Run Derby convincingly with 15 homers blasted out of the stadium!

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In the traditional Home Run Derby, a total of six contestants were Shwan Larry, Gary Owens and the local hero Ryan Bollinger, who knew how to entertain the fans. In a series of rows, the balls flew from the stadium on the right and left. Bollinger beat in the preliminary round and finished a total of 15 homers.

Ryan Bollinger blasted 15 homers!- munichFOTO
Bollinger accepts the special bat trophy — munichFOTO

“This is a cool thing! I have never participated in a Home Run Derby before, so I am all the happier that it went so well, “said Bollinger, who was presented with a personalized bat of Disciples partner “YAYA Bats” with the engraving “Home Run Derby Champion 2017 - All-Star Game 2017”.

“Ocean Street” played from the bed of a Ford F100 pickup — munichFOTO

After a short break filled with live music from the band “Ocean Street” from Nashville, Tennessee, DBV president Mirko Heid honored the two Disciple and former national players Christopher and Philipp Howard.

Mrs. Gabriele Müller, mayor of Haar, makes the first pitch! — munichFOTO

In the course of the opening ceremony, the first mayor of the municipality of Haar, Mrs. Gabriele Müller, took over the traditional first pitch and thus opened up the game between Germany and the Bundesliga Allstars.

Can of corn, can of corn! — munichFOTO
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The game itself was quickly decided in favor of the German National team. The usually strong Ryan Bollinger had a tough time, giving up three runs in the first inning. In the second inning, two more runs followed for Germany. Bollinger was then replaced by Fernando Gonzalez (Bad Homburg), who also could not restrain the Germans.

Swinging for the fence during the home run derby !- munichFOTO

As the game progressed, Jimmy Jensen (Stuttgart), Riley Barr (Mainz), Justin Erasmus (Heidenheim) and Mike Bolsenbroek (Regensburg), who were ultimately unable to take the Allstars to the winning streak. Germany, on the other hand, played strongly. Offensive led by Eric Brenk (Bonn), Philipp Schulz (Heidenheim) and Christopher Göbel (Bonn), they moved up to 11: 0.

In the end, the game was a bit disappointing with 11-1 to the German National team.
For the München-Haar Disciples the “ Allstar Game 2017” was an absolutely successful event.

Riding the pine waiting to play! — munichFOTO

“I think we have presented ourselves well. The players and spectators had a lot of fun. I am sure that this was not the last event in Munich-Haar, “said a happy and satisfied Mitch Stephan.

In the baseball league this week, the Interleague Super Round continues. For the München-Haar Disciples, next Saturday brings the Solingen Alligators.

Win or lose, it was a great afternoon of baseball, food, and friends in a fun atmosphere of family fun. Highly recommended.

Eye on the ball - and on the fence! — munichFOTO
Cultural and generational mixes were everywhere — munichFOTO
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For more information (German), check the Munich-Haar Disciples website