Brittany Haas Gives English Speakers the Chance to Experience the Alps like a Local!

Editor’s Note: Our sport and outdoor contributor, Mardee Saxton, recently attended a travel presentation hosted by Brittany Haas of Alpenventures UNGUIDED. So often a successful venture comes down to the three e’s: energy, excitement, and enthusiasm. This report from Mardee shows quite clearly that Brittney has all three!

MUNICH — (MunichNOW Sports) — What could have been just an infomercial on adventure travel turned into quite a bit more at the Alpenventures UNGUIDED seminar held earlier this week in Munich.

Brittney Haas Alpenadventure Unguided
Brittany Haas Alpenadventure Unguided — photo: Mardee Saxton

First, a bit about the speaker at this very interesting travel event. Brittany is a warm, friendly, and very passionate evangelist for mountain adventure travel. She listens actively and sincerely wants you to have the experience of a lifetime.

Brittany is from the Western US and feels most at home in the mountains, not only because she loves summiting high elevations, but because that’s where her people live—people like her who have a deep and profound love for recreating outdoors.

She moved to Germany from Colorado four years ago for work; she stayed for love. She and her sporty husband Chris met while canyoning—she’s a mountain girl and he’s more of a water sport guy, so canyoning is the perfect place for them to meet—and moved to Munich one year ago.

Name a sporty mountain activity and Brittany does it—hiking, bike touring, glacier mountaineering, climbing, via ferrata (klettersteig), and more. Coming from Colorado, she thought she could just continue her active lifestyle and do all the sporty things the locals do. However, she found it extremely difficult to find information in English. She knew she’d found a niche and that she had to fill it.

Brittney Haas Alpenadventure Unguided
Brittany Haas Alpenadventure Unguided — photo: Mardee Saxton

How The Company Began

Brittany started gathering tour details and maps and contacts and used this information to design tours in the Alps for English-speakers. Last September, she started Alpenventures UNGUIDED, offering her pre-made organized tours and custom tours, tailored to the needs of individual clients.

The company offers bike tours all over Europe — photo: Alpenventures UNGUIDED

Brittany has a background in customer service. From a young age, she reveled in making people happy. She said the best part of Alpenventures UNGUIDED is the freedom of self-employment that allows her to give loads of customer service. At the heart of her business is the desire to provide a life-changing experience, something her clients will never forget and that will become a part of them forever.

Standard Tours offer full service from airport-to-airport—Brittany books everything from landing to departure. The Tour Only option is for locals (or those who arrive via their own arrangements). Adventurers are provided with guides that include digital maps with an overview of the tour and GPS waypoints for accommodations.

There were lots of goodies for those attending the presentation — photo: Mardee Saxton

Keep up with Brittany’s own adventures via the Alpenventures UNGUIDED Facebook page. She’ll bike from Fuessen to Garda in May; from Munich to Venice in June. She and Chris will spend July and August touring the Alps, with mountain biking on their itinerary.

Her enthusiasm was contagious and my guess is that many that attended the seminar will be trekking around the Bavarian, Swiss, and Austrian Alps with a new sense of excitement and adventure.

Brittany does it all! — photo: Mardee Saxton

From the website:
Alpenventures UNGUIDED provides easy trip planning for outdoor adventurers, facilitating access to exceptional experiences that would otherwise be complex and time consuming to plan. We send our self-guided customers beyond the classic routes, reaching more diverse and local experiences in the Alps and beyond. Alpenventures UNGUIDED delivers the planning convenience of a guided trip without the cost of a guide.

Alpenventures UNGUIDED


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