MUNICH — (MunichNOW News) — Summer is festival time in Bavaria with any number of them going on around the city or in the neighboring countryside every weekend. Here is a quick guide to two of them, one in the city, and one out in the Bavarian countryside.

Grünsinker Feste: Bavaria at its finest!

If you´re into traditional Bavarian music, a good maß of beer and some delicious Bavarian food, the Grünsinker Feste is taylor-made for you.


Weßling, 30 minutes outside Munich
How to get there?
Either by car (map below) or take the S8 (direction Herrsching) till you get to Weßling and walk a few minutes (there will be signs).
This is a very un-touristy event in a small town, roughly 30 minutes outside Munich. Split into two weekends, the Grünsiker Feste hold everything a traditional Bavarian event should have.

How did it start?
In 1825 Pope Leo the XII granted the act of grace to the community and it has been celebrated the last Sunday of July ever since.

First Weekend:

Starting on Saturday evening of the first weekend with a little street festival with food, drink and good Bavarian music, the whole town celebrates. Plus it´s great for kids!
Second Weekend:
On Saturday night (called the Weßlinger Music Night) the second weekend begins with different live acts from around the area, such as Miss Mango and the Dusty Brothers, both young local bands with their own sound. Definitely worth listening to if you´re on the look for something different!
This is the seventh time already the Weßlinger Music night is taking place and people all around town are extremely excited, so join them and have a great night.
First weekend:  July 25 and 26
Second weekend: August 15 and 16
Tip: If you are interested in a real church service in the “Bavarian country side”, there are services the Sunday morning after the festivities which start at 9 am.
So grab your family and friends and show them what Bavaria looks like when it´s not Oktoberfest time.


Freidensengel Sommerfest 2016

On the platform underneath the Friedensengel statue in Munich at the Europaplatz.
Starting on Thursday all of Munich will come together in order to be part of one of Munich’s most famous street festivals, called the Friedensengelfest . This festival traditionally goes on for several days and has everything a good Bavarian festival needs, such as good food and even better beer. On Thursday the festival is officially opened and you can look forward to a big carrousel, music and fireworks at night.

Friday is full of even more good Bavarian music and Saturday will be all about a comfy pick nick by the Isar. In the evening there will music, performed by a very popular Munich band and iti s advised to take your time and listen because this is some pretty good music. Last but not least Sunday will start with a traditional Weißwurscht breakfest and beer and will go on with more music until 11 pm.
When? From Thursday, 21 of July 2015 until Sunday, 24. 0f July 2016
Tip: Great for small kids too, so bring your family and enjoy at least one family-day together!


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