Crop circles discovered in late July near Mammendorf -- munichFOTO

Mammendorf – (MunichNOW News) – Crop circles (Kornkreis) appeared in a Bavarian cornfield a few days ago, to the delight of fans of aliens and conspiracy theorists, mystics, skeptics, and dreamers — and to the consternation of the local farmer that soon claimed more than €4000 in damages for lost crops.

The design, reminding many of a large flower, and to others a large wind turbine, was over 180m in diameter and showed up overnight in the golden grain field.

A local fund was set up to help defray the costs and as a result, the farmer cut an additional swath through the field to allow easier access by the public.

Crop circles discovered in late July near Mammendorf — munichFOTO

Fans soon converged on the area, causing the Furstenfeldbruck authorities to close many of the local roads, limiting access to those willing to walk to the site, many of them school children and assorted locals, academics, and curiosity-seekers.

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Facebook postings on the event talk of local bakers using the harvested wheat from the crop circle to bake “space alien bread’!

The farmer claimed €4000 in damages — photo: Kathleen McGartland

MunichNOW contributor Kathleen McGarland visited the mysterious site shortly after it was reported on July 23rd, and found interesting crowds of viewers all sharing the mystical aspects of the occurrence. Visitors were taking photos and sharing thoughts and ideas on just what it all means as there is a history of these events in south Germany. A year ago a crop circle in Alling, just outside of Munich created a sensation.

The mystical crop circle spread out below modern windmill — munichFOTO

The mystical crop circle spread out below modern windmill — munichFOTOTwo years ago, a crop circle in Raisting near Weilheim attracted thousands of people and according to a report in the Münchner Merkur was even used as the location for some of scenes used in an episode of the ZDF series “SOKO 5113”, which has now become “SOKO Munich”.

A crop circle or crop formation is a pattern created by flattening a crop, usually a cereal grain. The term was first coined in the early nineteen-eighties by Colin Andrews. Although obscure natural causes or alien origins of crop circles are suggested by fringe theorists, there is no scientific evidence for such explanations, and human causes are consistent for all crop circles.

How was it made? Locals examine the scene. — photo: Kathleen McGartland
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