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Bavarian/German Culture Tip #1 

Rechts stehen, links gehen. (Stand on the right, go on the left.)

Germans are famous for their punctuality and efficiency. If either of these two things are disrupted, they can become cantankerous. Many German commuters who use the transportation network know they only have a short time to make connections between trams, subways, and trains. Every moment counts.

In Bavaria, it can be even more precise. When using the escalators in Munich be sure you (and your luggage) are as far to the right as possible, to allow those busy Bavarians a chance to walk by you on the left. If you don’t, you may feel the wrath of a laser-like stare on the back of your head (hot enough to singe your hair), followed by some undecipherable unpleasantries (which will nevertheless make their point) as they eventually pass you.

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