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Another Mario arrives in Munich 

FC Bayern München - Mario Götze

Mario Götze has officially arrived in Bavaria and is a Bayern Munich player. The recently turned 21-year-old attacking midfielder arrives from Borussia Dortmund after his €38 million contract clause was triggered by the defending Bundesliga champions earlier in the year.

Götze looked extremely composed in the face of a barrage of questions about his time at Dortmund, his decision to move and his current injury plight. Sporting director Matthias Sammer was the more animated of the two, squirming under questions about Mario Gomez’s potential departure.

Nevertheless, this was the new Mario’s day. “For me it was important to develop myself and I wanted to do that at Bayern.” It is hard to disagree with Germany’s brightest footballing star. He joins the world’s most successful side and a highly-touted manager, one who has often been hailed as Messi’s master.

The move hasn’t come without its bruises though. “Looking back it wasn’t easy when the news broke that I was leaving Dortmund.” Fans were left shocked, even teammate and friend Mats Hummels felt a certain degree of disbelief at the news. However, with a measured sense of maturity, Götze added, “It’s behind me now.”

FC Bayern München -  Mario Götze

FC Bayern München - Mario Götze

A ruptured muscle saw him miss out on the chance to face his now-new side in Wembley’s all-German Champions League final and it will be three weeks before he can step onto the pitch. The number 19 shirt, formerly worn by the memorable Carsten Jancker, is something he has already got his hands on though. Now it’s just about creating new memories in it. Speaking to the Bayern website in an interview he said, “Nervous would be the wrong word. It’s more like positive tension.”

What a diligent thing for a young footballer to say. Both his answers in the press conference and his interview were well considered and had all the signs of a confident, young man who is sure of his ability. “I don’t see the transfer fee as a pressure. It’s something to be proud of having just turned 21.”

Bayern’s other new signing, Jan Kirchhoff, was unveiled shortly afterwards and although much understated, the 22-year-old central defender is an exciting prospect in his own right.

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