Video | In Panama – 2017 | The Latest Film from Munich’s Vincent Urban

In Panama – 2017 from Vincent Urban on Vimeo.

A 3-week journey through Panama, from the Caribbean island paradise of Bocas Del Toro through the lush mountain areas around Boquete all the way up to Volcan Baru, further South, from the Azuero peninsula on the Pacific to El Valle De Anton and back to the sprawl of Panama City where the Canal connects two oceans.

While shooting a series of short commercials for Visit Panama we captured whatever we found on the trip to put together this collection of moments & sounds.

Directed by: Vincent Urban

MunichNOW Evolve Fitness Munich

Camera by: Clemens Krüger, Max Neumeier, Vincent Urban
Edit & Sounddesign by: Vincent Urban
Grading by: Maria Carretero

Music: Vessels – “4am”

Shot with RED Dragon, Sony a7s Mark II, Canon 5D Mark III

1000 Thanks to: Jorge / Tom @ Slim Productions, Victor / Gustavo / Miriam / Jorge / Charlo / Angel @ LCAProductions, Ben / Lara / Tim / Sean / Nick/ Samantha @ VML, Christine / Lauren / Jojo @ Whitehouse Post, Casey / Maria @ CarbonVFX, Visit Panama (ATP)
and of course Maria, Maria, Juan, Allen, all the wonderful people of Panama and the cutest actor, Clementine the Sloth!

English: Location map of Panama Equirectangula...
English: Location map of Panama Equirectangular projection. Geographic limits of the map: N: 10.28° N S: 6.79° N W: 83.56° W O: 76.64° W Deutsch: Positionskarte von Panama Quadratische Plattkarte. Geographische Begrenzung der Karte: N: 10.28° N S: 6.79° N W: 83.56° W O: 76.64° W (Photo credit: Wikipedia)