Munich Christkindlmarkt
Munich Christkindlmarkt

On the sixth day of Christmas my Bavarian friend gave to me: six fondue forks.

In another sign of the changing traditions and our modern world, many people are choosing to have meals that are specifically done because they take longer. Two Swiss imports, fondue and raclette, have been increasing in popularity for childless adults who are choosing to spend Christmas with friends.

A white wine fondue Français : Fondue vigneron...
A white wine fondue Français : Fondue vigneronne au vin blanc (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The idea of both is that the food preparation before the meal is quite simple: each person at the table prepares their own food, and it is best when eaten with wine. Water will cause the cheese to harden in one’s stomach, giving the person a quick feeling of fullness. Wine or other spirits do not cause this, allowing the person to eat more and for longer. Conversation ensues and the celebration meanders along.

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